Summer Shirts – Pastel is the way to go

When it comes to shirts for men; there are now no less than a vast and seemingly teeming glut and embarrassment of options to choose from. Shirts are an all-time classic. Be it for formal occasions or informal ones, shirts are now a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Has to be. Not having a shirt in your wardrobe if you’re a man is indeed social and fashion sacrilege. The shirt is one of the most versatile and enduring pieces of clothing a man can ever own in his short and fleeting existence on this most venerable planet of ours. It can be used and reused endlessly in a variety of ways.


Striped and formal cut shirts for big board meetings, Hawaiian ones for the beach visit, the number of options to choose from are indeed endless. It is no small wonder that every metrosexual male this side of the equator has at least a dozen to two dozen shirts to choose from at any given time.

And now that summer is looming right around the corner, no doubt the focus will go on the more contemporary range of clothing – joggers, vests, t shirts et al. But all this attention can become somewhat of a red herring for the truly madly fashion conscious man. The true power of trend for the next few months has got to be the pastel shirt. Not the Hawaiian shirt, not the casual variant worn with chinos but the humble and truly in some ways retro Pastel coloured solid shirt. These shirts exude a certain intangible vibe to themselves and the wearer. It is totally cool, calm, and collected; it is a very nice and soothing set of colours along with fabric that is easy to wear makes it stand out in a sea of summer basics, check shirts, and all assortments of temporary trends that won’t stay past the season once it inevitably ends.

Pastel shirts were, are, and will always be in vogue. The general look of a neat pastel shirt paired with an alluring pair of joggers, shorts, or chinos is very pleasing to the eye and makes the wearer seem approachable and a generally cool dude to hang out with and talk to easily.

There are so many potential colour combinations with a nice solid maroon, blue, nautical blue, white, deep wine red, and even green being viable in the eyes of the fashion police.

The possibilities are endless while at the same time, the look so attained remains timeless and full of cheery summer prospects. Whether for a simple trip down to the beach, or for a party at an acquaintance’s house, the humble but everlasting pastel shirt should be your ideal accompaniment to all sorts of occasions.



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