The sexiest lingerie trends you need to try this year 2019

As a beautiful goddess that has every man spun around her little finger, if you finally find someone who suits you perfectly, when you finally get to the bedroom together, you want to make sure that you have the right lingerie combination to impress your sweetheart. Don’t just go with a bright red bra and pantie set. Be confident and sex it up a bit! You deserve to feel like one of the sexiest women in the entire world. Here are the top lingerie styles that you need to try before 2019 ends!


Okay, when you think of shapewear, you don’t really tend to think of “sex appeal.” But shapewear doesn’t just have to be a one piece. Instead, it can come in a sexy vintage set with high waist lingerie, ruffled bra sets and even garters to add that little bit of glamour. Shapewear is all about making your waist slimmer whilst highlighting your natural curves. They come in a wide range of materials, including slinky silks and beautiful cotton. Before you know it, you will feel like one of the sexiest vintage pin-up models or as beautiful as a Bromley escort. Pamper yourself, baby!

Velvet Lingerie

You haven’t lived unless you’ve tried a set of velvet lingerie. It may not be the most obvious material when it comes to underwear, but combining it with lace can give you a feel of luxury. It feels great on your body and is perfect for the Autumn season. Most of the velvet styles come in darker colours and can keep you warm during the colder months. Perfect for any Christmas snuggling!

Nude Underwear

No, this doesn’t mean that you go completely in the nude. Instead, this sort of lingerie style copies different skin tones. If you want to give your lover the illusion that you are naked, and allow for your body to be highlighted by the black or white underwire. It’s the perfect way to highlight different areas of your body without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Floral Patterns

If you want to go for a bit more of a cuter, more innocent, look, another style that’s recently come into fashion is floral underwear. This sort of lingerie comes in sexy dark colours or bright and bubbly neon floral designs. The best thing about this sort of lingeries is that they honestly look like you’re not putting much effort into the look. Whilst we know that wearing matching lingerie is clearly a sign that you’re ready for some action, your partner might not. So, you may just show that you a cute feminine side or that you’re a smouldering womanly temptress. The choice is entirely up to you.

Contrasting Colours

You probably never dreamed that you would see lacey lingerie with bright contrasting colours on them. This includes green and orange mixes, as well as grey and yellow. They look relatively ugly but give the wearer a quirky feel. If you want your undies to stand out then try and pick some simple briefs and a bra that combine contrasting colours to give you a unique look.

Satin Knickers

Whilst you don’t need to wear a satin bra, as this sort of bra can leave your breasts sagging if they’re not supported by underwire, one of the things that you can wear are silk knickers. These knickers reflect a vintage bloomer look and can help you avoid any chafing from tight undies. Satin is very freeing and some styles can even pass for a pair of baggy shorts. Wearing satin fabric will feel like luxury and you will want to show them off every moment you get!

What are you going to wear? 

When it comes to your underwear choices, you have a whole range to explore that are trending this year. Thongs, bloomers and one-pieces are all in style and are ready to bring out your womanly curves and natural shape. You will love being able to show off your beautiful sets of underwear and, more importantly, your beautiful body to your lover or partner. Have fun picking your favourites!


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