Embraced In Gold And Diamonds My Little Princess!

My 9months wait gifted me a blessing when a beautiful little princess with tiny little fingers, pinkish cheeks, pretty smile and even brighter lips in my embrace. She was an angel from the divine and all my little fantasies were now to be true. Motherhood wasn’t just to nurture and feed, it also opens the gates for creativity. I always wished to have a daughter on whom I would design cute and pretty dresses. I had planned some bright and adorable dresses and even prettiest jewellery. When I last visited the Vaibhav Store I saw those little small anklets, the gold bangles and the baby diamond wear and since then had listed the gold and diamond jewellery for my little angel. Now was the time to spend on my wish list.

Life changed since my daughter was born, relatives called her lakshmi, friends flocked to see the beauty. Gifts of all varieties from dresses to ornaments were received in full swing. Varied designs of gold chains with multi design lockets looked cute on her tiny neck. There were gold lockets of religious idols, Bangles and kadas gifted by the immediate family.

Then were those gold rings for her tiny fingers. Wonder if she would ever realize how prettier she looks adorning all of them.

Gold JewelleryHaving kids along with joy brings in lots of gathering and festive celebrations. The cradle ceremony, naming ceremony and all such functions not only got us reasons to dress up but occasions to get new gold jewellery. More than for self I had plans for her dressing.  During her cradle ceremony I had self-designed her dress which was of traditional zari and embroidered heavily also known as the pattu langa. To complement the bright dress was even brighter ornaments. I wanted her to look complete so kept in mind for each minute jewellery design.

We wanted few other ornaments, but it would be tough to go to store leaving my small one at home. So we logged into the vaibav online website to browse for some latest designs. The catalogued designs depicted their perfect handcraft and what captivated my attention was the option to explore our creativity by uploading the designs we wanted on their website. My little one although hasn’t begun to walk but was very active as she kept throwing around her hands and legs. So, we wanted pretty anklets so that they tinkle and make her presence felt.

Waist Chain: After immense surfing we decided on a waist chain with small mango leaves and dangling’s of stars. The mango leaves had bright pink rubies and green stones which looked beautiful and admirably vibrant.

Bangles of Gold and Black Beads:

Adjustable kadas with gold and black beads were suggested for traditional reasons which as per the elders would guard her from any evil eye. Not sure if it was myth or superstitious belief but the black beads looked attractive amidst the gold balls. So, we chose a pair for her tiny wrists.

Small pretty bangles for those lovely hands and a maang tikka for her cute hair ornaments categorically exhibiting the workmanship in gold and diamond.

Diamond Jewellery: For my very precious angel I wanted something very special. Dazzling gems fitted perfectly in those little ornaments. They were brighter and looked adorable. It was my long-time interest to have ornaments of heavy gold and sparkling diamonds and was finally able to update my jewellery chest. The diamond pendants and armlet designs were very captivating. Considering the collar bone wasn’t rigid and being my sleeping beauty, the pendant will lie on her tiny chest. It was very confusing to choose amongst the variety of designs in pendants. The cartoon characters of angry birds and pokemon pendants were definitely cute and adorable but the for sure she was too young to know them. So, we chose on a floral diamond pendant centered by Lord Ganesha inscription. The chain type armlets centered with bright stones and gems suited her the best. With all the paraphernalia and the shopping couldn’t wait for the cradle ceremony to witness my Lakshmi decked in gold and diamond ornaments.  Amongst the blessings the flowers and ornaments she shone like a bright star.

 Truly daughters are blessing, and we need to nurture care adore and nourish them. These pretty gold and diamond jewellery have no meaning if not worn by my shadow self.


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Written by Alice Faina

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