Top 5 types of chairs in Jaipur every Jaipurites should have 

When it comes to choosing the best kind of chair, it can become very difficult since there are more than fifty different kinds of the same furniture type. But what makes them different is the way you use it, the place where you will be using it, the shape and design of the chair in Jaipur, and also the origin of the idea for the creation of such a chair.

Rather than suffering from this kind of confusion and regretting later, let’s see what the major categories of the chair are that you should have in your home in Jaipur. So have a look at these best chairs in Jaipur – 

High back chairs

High back chairs in Jaipur are the most comfortable ones that you can have in your home. These chairs have a high backrest which helps you to lean back comfortably. The backrests usually reach up to your neck and hence, your back won’t be suffering from stiffness and soreness.

There are multiple forms of high back chairs like:

    1. Winged chairs where the backrest has two side panels to provide the maximum comfort

    2. Lounge chairs

    3. Executive chairs for the study room

    4. Jute covered high back chairs

    5. Long high back chairs without armrest


Recliners are the form of chairs in Jaipur where the entire structure of the furniture is designed at an angle of reclination which forms a sort of sleeper temporarily. These chairs in Jaipur have inclined backrest which is curved at the joint portion with the seat, which ultimately helps in placing these chairs in the areas of the house where you can seek comfort after a tiring day.

Even the recliners can be classified into multiple categories, the main of which is the chaise lounge chairs. These chairs are designed from different curvatures and the backrest is almost at a forty-five-degree angle with the seat which will allow you to rest back comfortably. Chaise lounge chairs are very often used in modern-day homes, where you can easily replace the old age recliners with this modern version.

Upholstered chairs

The most luxurious and posh looking chair in Jaipur is the upholstered chair. These chairs have cushion or foam padding on the wooden panel and then the entire structure is covered with a fabric, which can be cotton fabric, velvet, or even leather. No matter what, the upholstered chairs are on the rise and in a city like Jaipur where people love to live a life of extravaganza, having an upholstered chair is mandatory.

Now, the basic forms of such chair are:

    1. Lounge upholstered chair

    2. Club chairs

    3. Egg chair

    4. Easy chairs

    5. Cogswell chair

Dining chairs

Yes, one of the most important furniture pieces in your home is the dining chair in Jaipur. No matter how many people you are, the dining chairs play an imminent role in maintaining the style of the interiors of your house and ensuring that the dining space is not looking barren.

There are several types of dining chairs like the ones made from wood with high backrest continuing downwards and then behaving as the footrest, the stools or the high ottomans and so on. Recently, completely transparent chairs are also being used as dining chairs in most of the houses.

Rocking chairs

One of the forms of easy chairs, the rocking chairs in Jaipur derives its history from the medieval times where the royal or high-class people used to rock themselves to and fro while sitting on this chair.


Jaipur is one such place where people love to live a lavish lifestyle, and luckily that starts with having different kinds of chairs in their homes. But, when you are oblivious to the varieties one can find in a chair in Jaipur, you can easily get confused between the different classifications and consider them as the same furniture with just different designs. So, choose which kind of chair you need the most in your home and buy accordingly.


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