Types Of Sleeves To Consider While Buying Your Bridal Gown

Wedding gowns come in beautiful designs and patterns. Every element should complement your bodily features so that you can make it a great ensemble and become a princess on your wedding day. One of the most important features to concentrate on is the sleeves. Depending on this feature, you will find a plethora of designer gowns in a store. Let us dig a little deeper and find out the different types of sleeves.

Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves cover your shoulders from your neckline to the beginning of your arm. No fabric is attached for the underarm area. It resembles a broad strap with a modest touch.

Spaghetti Straps

The name says it all. These straps are thinner and lighter than the cap sleeves. It resembles spaghetti you enjoy in the summer season. The minimalist strap supports your bosoms but covers very less area on your shoulders. This design is a perfect blend of traditional and modern patterns.


In this case, there will be no sleeves. There are different bridal gowns available in this section. The sleeveless ones will have a fabric strap on each shoulder but no sleeve attached to it.


These gowns are made in such a way that the design provides support to your bosoms internally. It starts from the beginning line of your bust and continues. This design does not have any fabric to cover your upper chest region.

Off Shoulder Gowns

Off-shoulder gowns, on the other hand, have straps on your arms but not on your shoulders. These gowns provide support to your busts via the arm straps. Like the strapless designs, this type of gowns will also keep your upper chest region open.

T-shirt Sleeves

T-shirt sleeves fall right between the 3/4th sleeves and cap sleeves. It will cover a decent area on your shoulder and will continue to the upper part of your arms resembling a t-shirt sleeve. The design will cover your upper portion in a modest way. You can go with any neckline design when you have ample support to flaunt.

3/4th Sleeves

As the name suggests, 3/4th sleeves cover more than half of your arms and give you a traditional look. The sleeves are generally made of lace fabric offering a brilliant vintage touch to your bridal ensemble.

Long Sleeves

The long sleeves are sleek and cover the entire arm. Here also, the sleeves will be made of lace fabric. It is a very traditional look that most of the brides like to adore. These sleeves are considered to be a classic formal choice.

Butterfly Sleeves

These sleeves fit loosely on your arms and resemble a butterfly. The ripples on the sleeves look very classy. They have floral motifs on a lacy fabric.

Juliet sleeves

Juliet sleeves represent a puff on each shoulder with long sleeves made of lacy fabric.


Now that you have the idea of different sleeves, you can now choose the most enticing bridal gowns from a store. Find out what sleeves look best on you and choose the best gown for your wedding.  


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