Basics of Being Stylish When You Are over 50

Taking care of our appearance is important regardless of our age, and how we dress has a very significant role in all of it. Even if we are over fifty, we can still be very stylish and turn some heads. In fact, since wisdom comes with age and with time we learn so many things we did not know before, style can be one of them. Like wine and blue cheese, a woman’s sense of style can improve as she matures as well because we know more than we used to when we were younger. We can even inspire younger generations. Personally, to me being stylish even after you turn fifty means several things and I am happy to share my opinions with you!    

Wrap yourself in chic layers 

Layers can be very stylish, and the best thing about them is that you will always feel warm. They are just perfect because sometimes senior ladies are cold even during the warmer months of the year, not to mention that an outfit full of nice-looking layers can look quite rich and fabulous. You can combine plain shirts, tees and tops with cute cardigans, and complement it all with a beautiful scarf with an interesting and smart pattern. If the blouse or shirt that you are wearing is colorful, you should consider a simple, monochromatic cardigan. 

Always wear a nice-looking watch 

Watches are timeless, and we still like wearing them even though today we have cell phones to tell us the time. If you wear a watch, you can never really make a wrong move because it is classy and elegant. You can find really beautiful automatic watches today, perfect if you do not want to think about winding them all the time. A watch complements any outfit perfectly, no matter if we are talking about casual or formal occasions.  

Avoid too many colorful items at once

It seems that recently wearing a lot of colorful items at the same time has been trendy, and it has been completely acceptable to blend more types of prints and different kinds of patterns in one outfit because according to designers, this is a hot and daring move. However, when it comes to senior women, perhaps a more minimalistic approach is more suitable. This does not mean that you should give up patterns and prints for good, but limit these kinds of pieces to one or two per outfit. For instance, if your pants are colorful and too striking, the blouse should not be that vivacious as well.

Wear beautiful dresses that fit you perfectly 

Every lady should own a dress or two that makes her look stunning, and this should be the case no matter how old we are. A simple dress of any color is a staple, and you should always have at least one such piece in your closet. Plain dresses are quite versatile and we can wear them on all sorts of occasions, matching them with basically anything. They can look magnificent with or without different kinds of layers, but always be sure to wear something that compliments your figure like nothing else. 

Bracelets and bangles give that youthful appeal 

When it comes to elder ladies, dainty jewelry is better than pieces that are too big, shiny and gaudy. I do not know about you, but I love small and delicate, pretty pieces that are minimalistic, but still visible enough to make me look sophisticated. However, for that youthful touch, it is not a bad idea to consider bracelets and bangles. Colorful ones can jazz up your arms so nicely.   

Brooches that are original give that authentic look

I should definitely mention brooches as well because they can give us that incredible vintage stylish look that we long for. There are fascinating late Victorian brooches that have tiny seed pearls and garnets as well as remarkable paste brooches from the fifties. It is always great to choose something original to look authentic.

Nothing without quality shoes and a bag

Lastly, women who are stylish never hesitate to invest in quality shoes and bags, because they are crucial to look sophisticated. They do not have to be too extravagant, but they should be good and functional. Also, you need to feel comfortable with these items on you, so choose designs that you like the most. 

We can always look amazing, and age does not play any significant role here, since even after our fiftieth birthday, we can still impress people with our impeccable style. These were some basics of being stylish in your sixth decade, and hopefully, you will like my suggestions. 


What do you think?

Written by Brigitte Evans

Brigitte is a Lifestyle Consultant and a writer from Australia. She is passionate about fashion, lifestyle, yoga, mindfulness, beauty and travel, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly. When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she is reading classic and mystery novels and making plans for her next trip. Her motto is: “Life is too short to be anything but happy”.


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