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Most of the people, when they hear the word wedding with the word fashion, they always think of wedding attires for the photo design. Moreover, most of the importance is given to the bridal dress and the bridal makeup, and half the time the wedding attire of the groom is almost neglected. What people fail to understand, is that they can get really creative with the groom’s wedding dress.


Nowadays designers, as well as grooms, are experimenting with various colours so as to bring about a change in the mindset of the guests. The unconventional nature of the textures, colours and elements can make the groom’s wedding dress feel wow for the photo design. So, without any further delay, here are some tips through which you can style up your outfit:

Be Different from the Crowd

The first mistake that the groom can make is trying to match his wedding attire with the groomsmen or even the bride. The fact that you should complement your better half is true, but that doesn’t mean you should look like twins at your wedding. You should see to it that some elements of your wedding attire matches, but not the entire outfit.

And when it comes to your groomsmen, you should make sure that your wedding attire stands out from them. It should capture the attention of the guests immediately and they should recognize you as the groom immediately. For example, you can choose a color that is different than the groomsmen, or adding a variation to your wedding attire. For example, if you are wearing a three-piece suit, then your groomsmen can use suspenders for their outfit.

There are more Colors other than the usual

Most people opt for overused colours such as white, black or grey for their wedding attire. It can be a tuxedo, any kind of suit or some other wedding outfit for photo designs. However, with the modern mindset of people, there are numerous choices of color for you to choose from. So, when you are choosing a color as well as the design for your suit, think about contrasting colors and take ideas from your spouse’s bridal dress. This way you can look beautiful for one another.

A Tip: Choose a three-piece suit so that you can take your wedding vows looking dashing and later, you can take off the jacket for the dance.

Fit is the Way to Go

No matter whether you prefer style or comfort, you have to look fit on your special day. We would tell you to buy a custom-made design for your suit so that you can fit easily. However, if you buy it from an online store, ensure that you visit your tailor first. This way your tailor can chafe and cut the extra clothing to make you look extra good.

And if you are buying the suit design for future use, you can opt for “made-to-measure” that will give you superior comfort as well as fit you exactly as you want. This way, you can wear the suit on any occasion you want and look good doing that.

The suit is not your Only Option

This is applicable if you are having a wedding that has a theme such as vintage or if you are having the wedding outdoors. There is not really a strict dress code where you absolutely have to wear a suit for the wedding. You can also wear a waistcoat instead of a full suit. Pair your waistcoat by rolling up the sleeves of your shirt and you are good to go. This gives you a more vintage and rusty look for your outdoor wedding.

Moreover, you can also pair your shirt with suspenders. Now, all you have to see that the design you are wearing matches the venue as well as the wedding.

Going Beyond the Classic Style

Most people choose suits that are without any type of prints. This is because most of them go for the classic single color style. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the classic style only, you can also go for prints. But, you have to make sure that the prints that you choose are in line with the wedding.

You should choose the prints tastefully and not go weird with them. So, if you are going for a suit with solid color such as black, you can pair it with a shirt which has patterns in it. Nevertheless, if you are wearing a patterned design, ensure that your groomsmen are wearing solid colors.



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