All you need to know about 925 Jewellery Silver

Silver is a type of mineral which is used to make things like – jewellery, decorative items, tableware etc. It was found in mines and can be extracted from other metals too. But the purest form of silver cannot be used for making anything as it is too malleable that it cannot be shaped, also if it came in contact into some specific temperature it can change its shape. The only way to make any item out from silver is by mixing it with other elements i.e alloys. These alloys are a mixture of two or more than two elements, some of them are zinc, copper and nickel. Alloys give the strength to the pure silver so that it can be shaped in any form.

So, what is 925 jewellery silver?

As we have mentioned above that the purest form of silver cannot be used to make jewellery as it is too soft and malleable. So, form making it strong the silver is mixed with the other elements i.e alloys. As a result, the formed silver is termed as 925 silver. As it contains 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent alloy. The best form of silver is 925 silver as it never tarnishes. Thus, it is better to invest in 925 jewellery silver as compared to other form of silver as it can save your future jewellery maintenance expenses. Many people think that sterling silver and 925 silver are both the same but in reality, it is not.

So, what is sterling silver jewellery?

Well if you are thinking that there is some difference in mixing and making of sterling silver as compared to 925 silver then you are wrong. The process of making 925 silver and sterling silver is all same the only difference is its name indeed!

The commonly used mixing elements are copper and nickel. The sterling silver is shiny, brighter and has a lustrous natural silver colour. But the only downfall of this beautiful sterling silver is that it tarnishes. If you always want to see the sterling silver into its original form then you need to regularly maintain and clean sterling your sterling silver jewellery.

How you can identify whether your silver is sterling silver or 925 silver is real or not?

Generally, the genuine sterling or 925 silver comes up with the hallmark that helps one to identify whether it is real or not. These may see the stamping with following names – STG, STER, .925, sterling silver or STERLING stamped on the back or inner side of the jewellery.

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Written by Ava Brown

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