Tips on how to keep your Men's hair pieces clean

Hair problems are very common these days and found in both men and women. The problem of hair thinning and baldness is more in men than women and for them, full cap human hair wigs are the only way to get rid of embarrassments while meeting people because of their appearance. It's great to know that mens hair pieces will solve the problem of hair loss by hiding it beneath. But do you know that for using the same you need to be attentive towards taking the best care for the hairpiece to help you serve long without losing its look and appeal? There are a few steps that you need to follow for keeping its health intact.

  • Removal of the hairpiece tape: You need to be very careful towards removing the tape of the hairpiece from the systems polyurethane section. Very gently use the nails to remove the edges of the tape to begin peeling.

  • Soaking in Liquid solvent: soak your hair system in a clean container that can resist liquid solvent. What will be the soaking time, will depend on the material of the hair system and the quality of adhesive used. Know from your manufacturer the minimum time required for system soaking.

  • Clean the system: Take it out and keep it upside in the sink. Now rinse the lace gently using a clean brush for removing adhesive. After this again soak it in the solvent.

  • Rinsing the system: Use a certain amount of dishwashing liquid and clean the base of the hairpieces. The remaining amount of adhesive will now go away. In case of a little bit persist use lukewarm water to clean.

  • Shampoo and hair conditioning: Just like natural hair you need to wash the hair of the system using your daily use shampoo and it will balance the level of acid. Now condition the hair. Dry it and its ready to wear again.


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