Top 10 Latest Trends in Men’s Fashion

Not mentioning the men’s latest fashion trends while talking about the big fashion trends in 2020simply makes no sense. Even during a never-seen global crisis of corona virus pandemic, fashion folks are eagerly looking at the game-changing fashion trends that will rock, roll and rule the ramp this year. The lockdown will come to an end sooner or later and all of us will resume our routine. You may want to try out something new or gift your near and dear ones. What are the latest options available to you? I have got the low-down on the top 10 inspiring fashion trends for men in 2020.

You might be familiar with some of these trends. Some of these are inspired by street style and red carpet shows whereas the rest is fresh off the runway. Others make a nostalgic comeback and are unlikely to go out of favour any soon. The long and short of the story is menswear fashion trend is a part and parcel of the latest fashion scenario. Followings are some hot fashion trends expected to tease your taste and pocket in 2020.

Monochromatic Suits

No, it’s not an all-black look that everyone is smitten by. Many people have their wardrobe dominated by black suits. If that is your case as well, don’t tell me you have not got tired of it and don’t want to try a white dress shirt or something else. There are many more colors on palette and any of them makes a monochromatic suit out of the box (black is more conventional).

Black is definitely classic but navy blue and white also set you class part from others. Wearing a monochromatic suit is a sleek way to make any classic silhouette look smart and stylish.

Sheer Tops

Wow, that Harry Potter Style! It is still winning favour of even the grown-ups. Show off your sexy abs, gnarly chest hairs and exciting tattoos or whatever you have under there and you want to show off with a sheer top. I know those, who are not ashamed to show a part of their chest, will squeal with excitement after slipping into it.

Pair a sheer top with a relaxed suit or a loose sheer shirt if you are going for a fun night out in summer. It will offer a great style point and a breezy feel as well.

Suits & Shirtless

It’s surely one of the top trending fashion ideas for 2020. Looking for the easiest and effortless style this year? Here you go with suits and shirtless. Next time when you will wear a suit, do away with the shirt. It’s a nice way to flaunt off your chest and take pride in how hot you look.


Suit or no suit, vests are always here to stay. Don’t startcombing through your wardrobe for the right fedora that will go will with your vest. Only the vest will do the magic; fedoras are still not that much hot.


Celebrity menswear brands and designers often steal the most inspiring ideas from women’s fashion. Fun dye works, including tie-dye are creating ripples in fashion world. It was a hot trend in 2019 and spring/summer 2020 will see a huge demand for 80s influence. Make a visit to your favorite shop – not necessarily at a swanky shopping mall – to win a super cool and stylish tie-dye tee before the fashionistas start rushing there.

As expected, the tie-dye styles in rainbow colors will continue making a vibrant statement even this year. Write for us and share your views.

Leather Jackets 

Moto jackets have not fallen out of favor. I really doubt that they will go out ever! But the long and lustrous leather jackets are making huge splashes on their way to the men’s fashion world. Just a street style twist will make it one of the hot 2020 trend. Resist yourself from pairing the jacket with jeans. Wear it with a casual look that you love most.

Baggy Silhouettes 

If celebrities can wear baggy outfits, why won’t you? If you are yet to set your fashion goals for 2020, make sure not to give a miss to baggy silhouettes on the list of your priorities. Coming in a wider variety from oversized blazers to loose denims, the trend is going to be a big draw for the youth.

Your shorts now need some rest. It’s still possible to make a fashion statement when you slip into a relaxed mode with baggy silhouettes. The boxy trend is the new superhero in men’s fashion world and you should try it at least, once.

We’re accepting fashion bloggers for guest post. Share your thoughts on if loose silhouettes are a good fit for youth.

Patch Work Prints 

Loud is always to stay and with that, patch work prints are making a glitzy comeback. Such patterns are usually slapped on shirts, coats and even pants. The multi-faceted trend can quickly revive your boring wardrobe. The patchwork involves painstaking effort, awe-inspiring creativity and lends a unique charm and class to the clothes. If you have a taste for something unique, get ready to dive into it.

Cuban Collar Shirts 

Craving for a unique style? Go cool with Cuban collar shirts. It’s the simplest way to style up your summer look and carry an aura of a real fashion statement around you. The shirt looks super cool when teamed with light blue chinos or denim. From fabulous animal prints to big floral motifs, a myriad of options is there to give you an emblazoned style. What about trying a style swap with such a hot-to-be trend in 2020?

Cross-Body Bags

Another fashion trend, heavily inspired by women’s hot fashion, to reign supreme in men’s fashion world! Yes, at the end of this blog, take a look at a trend-setting men’s accessory. These bags come in small and neat look or a messenger style. Keep your stuff safe and secure in it and make a fantastic addition to your collection of accessories. If you don’t like the long strap, tie a knot to adjust its length.

Your wardrobe needs a huge makeover in 2020. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in menswear and accessories.  Feel free to publish your fashion tips for the youth and share your thoughts with other readers.


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