Jewelry Trends Of Second Half Of 2020: What The Year Beholds

Even though 2020 has almost become the year that wasn’t, it has still given us enough time to find the right trend in the world of jewellery. Whenever life goes back to normal and we get back on to the streets, we will need to be fashionable. Diamond jewellery manufacturers of the world are preparing for the world to come back on track by banking on the new trends of the year. The second half of the year to be precise.

From earrings to necklaces, from rings to bracelets, these trends have affected everything from the biggest fashion destinations to the everyday life of people who are just waiting to go out into the world. For when they do, here are the jewellery trends of the second half of 2020 so everyone knows what to sport to celebrate the end of the pandemic.

Here Are Some 2020 Spring Jewelry Trends:


  • Hoop Earrings

You may be thinking that hoop earrings have always been in vogue for jewellery. But the statement of the year with hoop earrings is XXL sized hoops. These earrings go well with any outfit, be it your weekend summer dress or your business day meeting suit. Just put on these XXL Hoop earrings and you are ready to rock (or glam, depending on where you plan to go).

  • Chain Link Necklaces

Chain link necklaces have also found their light of the day with a number of famed celebrities around the world. Some wore it with crew neck outfits, while others flaunted these with open front dresses, giving it a great kind of versatility and appeal, while also letting the jewellery shine above all.

  • Silver Jewelry

Silver jewellery has been on the rise forever now because of its appeal, sheen, and versatility. In the months to come, silver will continue to gain more popularity and more ground in the masses as an ideal jewellery metal to experiment with a variety of outfits.

  • Single Statement Earrings

A number of fashion shows around the world brought about a trend that was completely unexpected and took a number of experts off guard. The single statement earring trend is really taking off with girls who prefer to let their hair down on one side, while exposing their exquisite jewellery on the other side. Give it a try if you are going to a party especially.

  • Personalized Jewelry

Ever since Meghan Markle came into the light with her letter ‘a’ necklace for her son Archie, the public has gone in a tizzy with the concept of personalized jewellery. As per the leading diamond manufacturer in Hong Kong, the demand for gemstones and patterns that are personalized has gone up. People connect to these pieces because they find it an appealing part of their individuality.


The trends have been the way that the world has stayed up to date with everything in fashion. And even though the year 2020 may not seem like a great year, when things go back on track, these trends will be ruling the world of jewellery everywhere.


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Written by KGK Group

The KGK Group, was founded by Shri Kesrimal Ji (1884 – 1956) and Shri Ghisilal Ji Kothari (1915 – 1975) of Jaipur (India) in 1905.

In 1915 KGK started trading coloured gemstones in Chennai, India. In 1960 Mr. Navrattan Kothari joined his father in KGK Group. KGK expanded its business in the 1970s by moving from trading of coloured gemstones to sparkling diamonds. And then to jewellery manufacturing in 1996.


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