A T-shirt wearing Guide to beat the Summer heat this Season

Get into your hotness during the peak hot season. Summers are not to be fret with but enjoy the colors. There are many more colors which you can enjoy wearing when the temperature rises in comparison to winters. The best part is that you can feel the colors on your body in different varieties of fabrics too. Like, Mufti men’s t-shirts can have you the most comfortable yet stylish summers during 2020. There are designer t-shirts for each one of you. So here is the time to paint the life with shades which you have not either seen or worn till now. Let’s find out what is best for you.

  • #1 Wear ‘What is Cool?'

You take it either literally or metaphorically, ‘Staying Cool’ is the only mantra all men need when mercury level is moving upwards. Quickly note this to chose fabrics which are not made to trap air but breathe in and out as you do. Like, Linens are the best solutions for summers. But there is a catch, linen can also be stiff so ideally it should be mixed with cotton to soften it. The idea should be to team up your pajamas with linen casual shirts. On the hand, you can never go with light cotton. Always, search for materials when doing online shopping. Like, Mufti’s t-shirts will have a detailed description of the clothes so that you are not mistaken.

  • #2 Get into Patters

Do not run away from colorful funky patterns during the summers. It is the time to dive into all the possible shades one can imagine on this earth. And Mufti, for sure gives you the liberty to do so. From vibrant yellows, greens, and some shade of pinks with crazy patterns should be your call of the day – every day. Enjoy the lightweight t-shirts with floral, self-pattern, geometric shapes, camo in yellow and grey, stripes, abstract prints. You can have one for everyday mood. Do not forget to check out the animal printed t-shirts too. They look super uber with black denim with sneakers.

  • #3 Time for some Polo

Summers are surely are the best time to be casual and at the same time look formal. And Polo t-shirts do their best to balance them. It is advised to stock some polo t-shirts for Friday evenings after office hours. Again, everyone has got polo t-shirts therefore there is nothing new in it. But what makes it unique are the shades and prints. Want the day to be light pick up a maroon bird printed polo t-shirt or keep it mellow down with mint polo t-shirts. Always team up polo t-shirts with either beige or brown cotton pants or enjoy in denim shorts.

  • #4 Stock up some Short-Shorts

Summers are the time when men can have some real breather. Ditch the denim and cotton trousers, and feel the air in short-shorts. Either in denim or cotton fabric, they make the best pair with summer t-shirts across all categories. They make the best friend during vacations, night-outs or house parties. Do match the shorts while you are shopping for t-shirts from Mufti’s online store.

  • #5 Match T-shirt and Shoes

Summers months are all about letting yourself breathe after coming out of those over-dressed winter months. Choose your shoes wisely with t-shirts. It is not necessary to always sneakers or casual shoes with t-shirts. But, create different combinations with leather strappy sandals or smart flip-flops. Even kolhapuris are one of the sandals which are comfortable and always in fashion.

Hence, you should be thinking more than just about wearing a great summer t-shirt for men because there are the paraphernalia of other elements which can make it look even better.


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Written by Mufti

Derived from Colonial India’s armed forces, ‘mufti’ is a term used for casual dressing, as opposed to wearing a uniform.Mufti is one of the most leading brand across the globe in Men's fashion industry. Currently, the brand is available in approximately 110 LFSs (large format stores), 1400 MBOs (multi-brand outlets) and 250 EBOs (exclusive brand outlets) pan India.Marketed and distributed by Credo Brands Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Mufti was the brainchild of Mr. Kamal Khushlani, founder and CEO of the company.Mufti was launched in 1998 with one driving ambition, to provide an alternative dressing solution, that didn’t conform to the ‘uniform’ codes of mainstream fashion.

Mr. Kamal Khushlani started manufacturing shirts and fell in love with fabrics and colors, he became an expert in conceiving beautiful products conveying both international codes and Indian spirit. Soon all Bollywood stars were seen sporting Mufti.


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