Best Ways to Find a Perfect Women's Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a staple for every person's wardrobe, but finding that one perfect fit can be the most challenging task ever. Jeans are such a common clothing article that it is always being experimented on by DIYs and the section of designer jeans for women, which gives them even more extensive of a style range than they already have.

They are available in various cuts, hems, lengths, styles, and a wide range of colors with being able to get your denim dyed as well. The fabric denim is available in different blends, as well, it can be stretchy, pure, sanforized, crushed, lightweight, and more.

How to Shop

A broad range of women's jeans caters to a diverse community of consumers, when it comes to females they are all so uniquely beautiful with their different shapes, heights, and complexions. Fitting into jeans is something all females struggle with because there is no such thing as being one size, you can be a size 28 for stretchy jeans and a size 32 for pure denim jeans. You must know your measurements while walking into a store before you end up getting tired of trying on a hundred pairs of jeans hoping one would fit.

There are different measurements required for different styles of jeans but you should have all of them on hand just in case;

  • Your waist
  • Your inseam
  • Your thigh
  • Your length

Make sure you have your sizing in cm as well as inches because of the different sizing in US and UK brands.

Perfect Women's Pair of Jeans

Your Ideal Pair

For different female body types, there are different recommended jeans cuts and materials, but you need to understand that you can wear whatever you want and what a person has to say about your style doesn't define you.


For females with a straight body, they are blessed with the ability to look good in any and every style of jeans, but to look more feminine and synch in the waist a boyfriend jeans or loose jeans with a tight belt does the job.


If you're blessed with this body type, congratulations! You don’t have to do much at all. A basic pair of stretchable skinny jeans goes a long way; your body looks good with every cut since there is no hiding your curve.


Pear-shaped girls carry most of their weight in their lower body. High or medium-rise jeans are ideal and when it comes to the cut; a flare or boot cut looks astonishingly cute and for a more tomboyish touch wide pants level it up.


This shape defines a girl who has relatively broad shoulders; they have the ideal body type for straight pants with a high or medium rise to emphasize the waist. They can honestly pair any style of jeans with a thick belt and call it a day.


 If you're a bulky girl or a mom this is for you. You should focus on comfort and stretch of the jeans, styles like mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are ideal for you. Focus on searching for pairs with a flat front, making sure they don’t have a lace-up or a button detail in the front.


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Written by Ahsan Tahir


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