How to Choose Earrings for Your Own Style

When you wear clothes or any kind of accessories, you should always think of not just whatever it is that suits you, but things that you feel comfortable in, that you like, and you feel confident in. In whatever we wear, confidence is always the key. When you wear clothing that you do not really like that you are not confident in, chances are, you would be fidgeting all the time, pulling on something, tucking, removing then putting on an earring once more, and so on. It's just that you would not be comfortable in what you are wearing and you will be conscious all the time and not enjoy the occasion, the place, or simply put, you would not enjoy yourself.

This is the importance of wearing things that really suit your personality as well as your style. You don't have to follow the latest trends. You don't have to wear whatever it is that everyone else is wearing. What you should do is to be yourself and follow your own style. Wear whatever it is that screams your personality. Show your style to the world and do not be afraid of what other people might say. If you love retro then wear retro. If you are girly then embrace it. If you like vintage styles then that's okay even in the modern times. If you like to cosplay and channel your favorite characters then who are people to judge? You are the one wearing these clothes and accessories and it is important that you enjoy whatever it is that you wear. Be confident in your own skin.

However, it may be that you do not know how to find your style or what to wear based on your personality and style. There are days when you may want to experiment and wear something that you don't usually wear and look different. But there are days of course that you would want to be comfortable in who you are and show of your personality. Here are some tips to help you choose what kind of earrings you should wear based on your personality.

If you are a bubbly person, you should try out playful earring styles. Try out earrings that are colorful such as rainbow earrings, beaded earrings and animal earrings. You may also try out earrings with objects for designs such as bottle cap designs, stars, paint tubes, and many others. Asymmetrical earrings are also great.

If you are more on the girly vibe, try out butterflies, flowers, and long earrings with gemstones in them. If you are more of a serious person and you want to wear fab earrings to work, then you may opt for simple pin earrings or clip earrings, or simple and sleek long earrings and gemstone earrings as well.

For a darker vibe, you may go for darker gemstones, titanium earrings or black earrings or metal earrings. Those with safety pin designs look really cool as well.

When you purchase earrings, you don't really have to spend a lot. You can see a lot of cheap ones. Also with cheap wholesale earrings, you can find a lot of the earrings that you like at a more affordable price where you can save money and take home different designs of the earrings that really suit your personality and style.


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