Wedding Shoes for Men

Okay! So, its the wedding season and we gotta help the men too with their apparels and the statement shoes they should be slipping into. Choosing the right wedding shoes for men can be a tricky task.

Getting the right suit, tie, watch, belt, and shoes? Well, you can’t take away the spotlight but why not give a strong competition to your bride this wedding season. Shoes speak up about your lifestyle, choices, how you live, and your discipline. It shows your right image. So, while you choose your wedding shoes that can be used later in life can be a hard nut to crack. Hence we listed out the shoes with the apparel that shoe best with it. Yes, formal leather shoes can work for you. Let us see how?  


 The Navy Suit

If you just owned the most subtle, elegant, and sharp colored suit for your wedding, you must go for shoes that accentuate the navy suit. The leather shoes that you can pair this with beautiful colored suit can be,

  • Brogues Shoes   

The suit though has its charm but adding these pure leather shoes with details on it is going to be your style statement. Buy brogues shoes in light brown, rich honey, and tanned colored shoes. 

You can also grab the hand-painted colored brogues shoes. And guess, what you can later use them in your office as formal leather shoes. 

  • Double-Strap Monk Shoes

Wedding shoes for men can be tricky, so double strap shoes are the most stylish shoes that have to be taken into consideration. Monk shoes are itself  a ridiculously stylish shoe for men to wear during the wedding.

Not only the groom but groom’s men can also nail this look. It simply builds abridges between modernity and heritage. You can these in a darker shade that also makes the suit look more luxury pieces. 

The Grey Suit

Grey is the new sexy piece to wear on your suit at your wedding or your friend’s wedding.

This suit can be paired with any formal pure leather shoes or any trendy shoe and still look sharp, edgy, and elevating. 

  • Loafers

Loafers are so versatile that you can’t find a reason to say no to these chunky pieces of shoes. Penny loafers or handcrafted loafers are so versatile and easy to wear with no laces or straps.

Loafers in brown, black, and mahogany that is clean-cut and classic will add up to your grey suit figuratively and sharply. You can also add an Oxblood Tassel Loafer. 

  • The Wholecut Oxford Leather Shoes

A wedding shoes for men is about being on a traditional route that surely means that you need to have a clean and luxurious looking leather shoes for yourself. Oxford is the best minimal investment for a perfect day of your life or your friend’s life.

Traditional Attire

You won’t wear a suit or Tuxedo all the time. The wedding bells call for ethnic wear too! It is going to be all about family tradition and rituals. So, you just can’t wear a formal suit with formal leather shoes. You need to attain the wedding most ethnically and humbly possible.

Wearing an ethnic attire in itself makes you look more groomed and add the feeling of love, laughter, and unity. So, to add a little drama to this versatile outfit you can add to your collection. 

  • Peshawar Chappals

The Peshawaris chappals are not that easy to pull off but the wedding is the day that goes a bit melodramatic and looks all royal. It is a luxurious product to own. The hand-painted Peshawari shoes or the handcrafted Peshawari sandals. It perfectly synchronizes with your attire and elaborates the look on a completely different label.

  •   Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are a really fun pair to look handsome and give a clear vibe of how excitedly you are looking for the celebration. You can wear them with your suits and of course the traditional wear that is best wedding shoes for men.



The tuxedos truly define how well prepared you are for the wedding that is about to take place. Wearing a tuxedo that perfectly is matching shoes and going even a bit off track could smash the look in a second.      

  • Black Patent Shoes

Well, it has been since the ages that if you are to wear a tuxedo, black patent shoes what goes perfect with it. Black patent shoes though are formal leather shoes but wearing them with tuxedos gives out a completely different vibe. It looks overwhelming presentable and classy.

  • Velvet Loafers

Well, not an experiment but wearing velvet loafers with tuxedos can turn cool and subtly classic as well. The velvet shoes help you accentuate the tuxedo and is truly the perfect slip-on that is versatile and adaptive to any occasion and mostly the best wedding shoes for men.


The leather shoes are what one chooses to go with their outfit on most of the occasions. A wedding is one of the very important days if it is in your family, friends, or if it is you. Getting ready for the celebration with the right shoes helps you break a leg at this wedding. So, don’t hold back the excitement but just jump right into it with the best designed and perfectly aligning shoes.


What do you think?

Written by Akshit Sharma

Akshit Sharma is a well-known fashion advisor with the abilities to keep a track and predict the fashion trends with the utmost accuracy. 


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