Top Short Kurti Designs 2020 in Pakistan That Are Trending!

Short Kurtis are a popular choice when you don’t want to let go of your ethnic wear in your wardrobe. They are such an item that is versatile and can be styled in different ways. However, since fashion trends keep on changing, the designs continue to change too. Compared to western tops, they are much more comfortable to wear casually. It is easy to pick denim or pants with short Kurtis and you will be good to go! Make sure to choose the right fit, whether long or short.

Straight and classic short length

Classic short Kurtis have smaller lengths and straight cuts like standard shirts. They are available in a diverse range of colors, patterns and designs. Embroidery adds more detail and finesse to the whole look of Kurtis and looks pretty. Short Kurtis at Limelight is finely stitched and adorned with buttons, laces and embellishments that add the perfect finishing touch. All the designs are stylish, elegant and trendy to keep up with fashion trends. Explore new Kurti designs 2020 available at Limelight to shop your favorite one!

Short front and long back Kurtis

Limelight is a popular choice for buying eastern style Kurtis. As the name suggests, you can easily find Kurtis that are short in length from the front and have longer back lengths. They are a perfect mix of traditional and western looks. Moreover, they much more comfortable to wear and style. All short Kurtis are comfortable and durable for their good quality. If you are in search of such short front and long back Kurtis, Limelight is your place to be! There is an immense variety of such styles in different hues, tones and prints, find your favorite pick now!

Look for all available designs in short Kurtis at Limelight!

Although they might seem similar in lengths, there are a variety of different cuts and designs that make each short Kurti different from another. They can be worn at any time of the year and therefore are an all-time favorite of girls.

Frock style short Kurtis

If you are looking for new Kurti designs for girls, check out our official website ( For women who love short frocks, then it is the ideal style to buy! It is an attractive combination of frock style and short length Kurti that looks trendy and stylish. Create modern style statements by pairing frock Kurtis with denim pants or straight cut trousers. It will promise you a stylish appearance! Look classy and sophisticated with such unique style and flary appearance short Kurtis.

Angrakha cut Kurtis

Angrakha style short Kurtis resonates with the old era. It a classic neckline that never goes out of fashion. Its ethnic style makes it a much popular and commonly bought type. Having tie strings at the neckline, it is a unique style liked by many. Accessorize this Kurti with traditional jewellery pieces for a stylish look! Different footwear can be chosen according to the place you are wearing to. Wear it with flats for a casual vibe or heels for a fashionable appearance! It suits all body types so, you don’t need to worry about that! Kurti designs in Pakistan keep changing and evolving. Frequently, new styles are introduced in the market to cater to changing women's fashion needs. With the changing trends, you can shop for your favorite styles!

Printed and embroidered short Kurtis for an ethnic look!

Short Kurtis are available as printed with or without embroidery. While floral, geometric and classic monotone ones are classic prints and more common, funky and bright printed ones are also available. The colors are an instant attention grabber and help to create a unique look. Girls looking for simple daily wear outfits can check these out for a diverse variety of colors. Vivid and vibrant colors look undeniably good in summers! Short Kurtis for women at Limelight is also available with embroidery. It adds more detail to the outfit and looks decent. A solid-colored Kurti finished with intricate embroidery is a complete look on its own.

Easily shop online now!

The pandemic struck life has brought so many lifestyle changes. Increased online shopping is one major example that has become a rising trend in recent times. All brands are available a click away on the internet. For women searching short Kurtis, head to our official website ( to view the available collection. The website is user-friendly and will offer you a convenient shopping experience. You can trust the quality and shop without any worries!


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