Reminded of Autumn.. haunting him… the last of a lot of things.. the last season of extreme happiness..season of sorrow..season of tears,season of heart wrenching fear.. fear of the unknown future..the ecstasy..the smoke..the passing out..season when he didn’t give a damn about ANYTHING or ANYONE except for one..that ONE person.. the songs..the skies..the walks together.. the wind blowing on her face..the rain..the tiny breaks..the magic moments..the frustration..the silent conversations.. the awkward urgent holding hands..the gaze in which he could melt..the anger..the fights..the making up..the laughter.. the smile..the blushes..the kisses..the nights when none of them slept..the sleepy mornings..the unending phone calls.. the texts..the ‘lols’..the food untouched..the coffees..the lift trips to the 6th floor..the cigarettes..the music..the last  minute not letting go of her hand..the pain in her eyes..the voices.. the,green and yellows..the highs..the passing out.. at the party and the last day..the long hugs when they didn’t feel like letting go.. the way he used to call her name..the way she used to be his sunshine..the longing in his eyes.. the love-bites..the apologies..the request..the suicidal passion..the sleepy tired eyes..the tear stained faces..the kisses while crying..the way he used to lift her up when she kissed him.. the ring..the anklet..the calls in office.the disconnecting of calls..the mute..those knowing smiles..the vodka..the dimly lit dance floor..Nirvana..the moments with his mother..the prayers..the helplessness.. the turmoil.. the fight at his place with his folks.. the movie..the theater…the Saturdays..the trips to office..the awe..the hatred..the feeling of betrayal..the loneliness..the last rendezvous.. the heart break.. the moving on.. the words.. just words now Tattooed..


What do you think?

Written by Ani


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