“Taming Liv” – Newly Published – Excerpt!

Hi all.  My first novel was recently published! Not out in stores yet, but it will be soon, published by the good folks @ Tate Publishing.


Below is an exceprt and a teaser if you will.  Enjoy.  I may post more of these (or if you want more of these, visit my website:



Below is the completed text that will be on the back of the book. I think it describes the core of the novel really well and hopefully leaves enough anticipation so that readers will want to know more.

Feedback is greatly appreciated 🙂

“Justsit quietly and wait here,” he said. “Mommy will come and get you soon.” Hesneered at her, and it was the first time in her life that she was relieved towatch somebody walk away from her, leaving her alone.
“Mommywill come soon,” she whispered to herself.
Asdarkness surrounded her, she sang to herself, rocking back and forth. Therustling leaves made her nervous, as did the howling she heard from somewherefar away. Liv finally fell asleep, resting her spine uncomfortably against ahard tree trunk…
After spending the first elevenyears of her life locked away in solitary confinement, Liv Fellgard is finallyreleased, only to be left for dead in the wilderness. She prays that her motherwill rescue her, but no one ever returns. She soon discovers that the forest isa world with too many beasts and not enough food. The only law that matters issurvival of the fittest.
            Inthe following years, Liv becomes a feral animal in constant battle for herlife. Her trust in humans fades, and her suppressed longing for companionshiplingers only in her dreams. She depends on the animals around her for comfort.         
            One day shecrosses paths with Silvan, a forest ranger whose big heart and deep compassionfor stray animals leads him on a quest to find the human side of this wildyoung woman. Can Silvan restore her faith in humanity again? Will she rememberenough of her childhood to locate her family? Will she be able to confront herfather, the man who left her for dead? Find out in Laila Norum’s dark andadventurous tale, Taming Liv.
Laila Norum grew up in Norway,where the forest stood thick and the wild animals frequently roamed rightoutside her front door. Consequently, interacting with nature and animals hasalways been a natural passion and an enjoyable pastime. Taming Liv is her first novel.

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