It’s All Relative

Today I made another interesting observation – any relationships are very relative. How so one may wonder, well the way I look at it – it is simple. Think about it can you define the terms like friendship, love, beauty, good or bad? All these will differ from one person’s point of view to another’s and this is why it is so hard to make a definite statement on any of the previously stated terms.


Take “friendship” for example, what is friendship to you? Is it when you spend all your day and night with your friend, is it when your interests are the same or is it when the person is there for you when you need them to be even if you didn’t spend the whole day with them? There is no one answer to any of these questions and if we speak on general terms – friendship is usually a combination of things. The thing is that one has to take in the account that everyone has a different personality and what may seem like a perfect friendship to you may seem completely out of hand for the other person. This is where people struggle and get themselves into conflicts and drama. If everyone took a higher road and thought of a friendship as a relative term in life would things be different? Say, you don’t take everything personally and close to your heart and instead you just live your life and see what happens. At the end of the day, as the experience has proven, friends they come and go – and it this complicated enough world it is hard to figure out to see who is there to stay in our lives for the long term.


This is why people fall in love and have their best friend by their side at any time. So what is love really? Many famous people have said and expressed their opinions on love and some as Jane Austen, for example, have never even got married; though all she wrote about was love and marriage. Thinking back, I believe I have been in love once with a guy who certainly had feelings for me yet we never shared a kiss and our “relationship” never got any farther than a hot argument, which in films usually leads to a hot sex scene. Life is no perfectly staged film and my first experience of love didn’t have its own happy ending. How do I know it was love? Well I just had to see him smile and my whole body would be full of energy, I could do anything, my blood rushed to my heart and breathing became heavy. It wasn’t his looks that did the trick for me, it was just the way he was. I loved, love, him for the way he is. This is my understanding of love but then again this is only the part that I have experienced. My best friend says that sex is a very important part of relationship and this is how people fall in love. It is his opinion and the fact that we have different points of view on love just proves that “love” to everyone means different things.


The question that is on my mind now is – if everything is so relative why am I still sitting here on my bed and thinking about my appearance and how I am not good enough to interest the boy in a way I’d like him too. Why is it that with all the understanding of the fact that different people have different opinions I still feel self conscious of my actions, looks and words?


What do you think?

Written by Karina


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