The two sides of Night (A story in two parts) Meet Veena age



Meet Veena aged thirty five. She had just been divorced. OK not that “just” …maybe two years back. She has a daughter who is sixteen years old who studies commerce in a local college nearby and aspires to go to Wharton some day. We don’t know why Veena got divorced . She decided to be tight lipped about it. So let us not probe her too much .
“It’s her temper” whispered the ladies of the neighborhood when they were busy playing cards and not discussing their kids’ tantrums.
“No…no her husband was an alcoholic “ , whispered Mrs Sharma in a tone which suggested authority .
“Alcoholic ? … , she does not look like an Alcoholic’s ex-wife” , suggested Mrs  Kapoor dipping the samosa delicately into the mint chutney .
“Oh ! Maybe she beat him up …and he fled “, said Mrs Rao who had just shifted into the residential complex just a week before .
At this the whole gathering burst into a raucous laughter. That sort of knit logic into the many threads that were strewn around Veena’s life .
On the other side of the wall, Veena was getting late for her appointment. Slipping her feet into comfortable platform heels, she peered at herself critically in the mirror. She did not look bad ..She decided and throwing her bag on her shoulder ,she marched out . Her shoulder length left loose glistened in the afternoon Sun . The pink chiffon Sari accentuated her lithe figure.
“look at how she flaunts her bare arms …” , whispered Mrs Rao from four floors up above
“And why does she have to wear her glasses on top of her head …”,wondered  Mrs Kapoor aloud .
“Any other woman in her place…my dear would have been shattered …ekdum shattered …but look at her wearing Revlon lipstick and all that …. “,continued Mrs Sharma .
Veena of course was oblivious to all this .She was waiting for Rakesh.  She was feeling excited …yet apprehensive in a strange detached sort of way  .
She desperately wanted everything to go smoothly. She really needed a cushion now …Akanksha too needed something to hold on to. Her thoughts were interrupted just as she saw Rakesh getting down from his Hero Honda.
“You look good …” , said Rakesh looking at her proudly .
“You  ready to do this ..?” , said Rakesh rubbing his palms vigorously . There were sweat beads on his forehead .
“Not nervous …?”, he teased .
“Never have been …” , replied Veena as she sat behind Rohit and placed her arm on his shoulder.
Together they rode …eager to discover the moment they had talked …debated and discussed since many days …
(to be continued)
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