I Want You Tonight!

“It’s my land; I know you don’t get booze here! It’s banned in this state.” She confidently said it. “Ani, I don’t understand why you like yourself being proven wrong always.”
“Yeah right!”she exclaimed making a face.
“What do I get if I prove you wrong?” Rohan held Ananya’s face close to his looking into her eyes.
“Anything, as I know you will never get it here.” Ananya said kissing his hand.
“Are you sure, anything….you know it’s been a while and this time I would really be demanding.”
“Oh, I am confident, anything.”
“Cool, see you in a bit and wear the best you can, be ready….tonight is mine.”
“Sure, will wait and be ready to welcome your sad sulking face.”
He put on his sneakers and ran out. The hotel room closed with a thud behind him. Ananya had never seen him so happy and carefree.
Ananya painted her nails and went for a shower. She changed in a black short slip before sneaking into the bed under the comforter reading ‘Things beyond Forever’. After a while he opened the door and walked in.
She peeped over the book, “Welcome, Mr. Engineer and show me your face.” She looked at him closely, he was perspiring profusely, his white tee completely wet. Droplets of sweat trickled down his face as he seriously looked at her. “What?” she said aloud.
His lips broke into a smile as he revealed a bottle wrapped in brown paper. “oh, gosh…..nooooooo.” she hid her face behind the book.
He ran towards her, trying to sneak into the comforter. “No, please take a shower.”She pushed him. “You are right come.” He pulled her hand.
“No, I had one…” “And who said we can have just one.” And he pulled her in the bathroom. He filled two glasses with vodka and orange juice and placed them on the wash basin. Then she sat on the bath tub edge and he on the toilet seat, he pulled a Davidoff and smoked telling her how he managed the booze. She looked at him with sheer amazement sipping the vodka.
He then took a shower constantly talking to her on things that are different in “Her Land”.
“So, now that you have lost the bet, brace yourself honey.” He said pouring another drink.
She kissed leaving her red lipstick mark on his white tee, “Will this do?” “Are you kidding, the stakes are high honey.” He pulled a deck of cards.
They played poker, where she bet her clothes one after another and kept losing. They finished ¾ of the bottle, he was tipsy and she was high. He pushed her on the floor completely covering her body with his. His fingers circled the periphery of her lips as he looked in her eyes. He held her hand not leaving it for a moment.

She seduced him in her ways…caressing his weaknesses and switching the best of love and lust in him. She let him discover her in every way he desired. He engulfed her as she closed her eyes in anticipation of the epitome of this sensuous rendezvous. She gave up her defences as he fondled her supple body. Love reached its zenith and lust at pinnacle as his rawness thrust her. He longed for her fragrance as she for the sweetness of his sweat trickling down his brow onto her body. At one moment their passion was on fire giving in to the rhythmic divine oneness.

Their bodies ignited as they made zealous love before falling into each other’s arms in the wee hours. He was right, he was really demanding that night. They talked, laughed, whisper sweet nothings in between making love through the night. Rohan and Ananya were on a different high…they were high on life!

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Written by Shweta Dave


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