Fight The Bald Spot And Aging

The act of washing just massages the follicles Hair Revital X Review  and makes the inevitable happen just a little faster.  But, in truth, the sooner the dead hair comes out, the sooner you can replace it with hair that is going to grow and offer you longer term coverage.

And, often skipping necessary washing is going to make your hair appear heavy, oily and thin.  You are not going to get a good cosmetic result if you skip this step too much. Dirty hair is weighed down and is just going to appear like you have less of it.

I fully realize that there are groups of people who only wash with conditioner called COing or conditioner only or no poo. This is mostly for folks with curly hair. I also know that some people will just rinse with water or vinegar and water and work the scalp with their finger tips.  But, I know from experience that it is hard to remove all of the sebum, DHT, environmental pollution, and natural oils without some type of product.  Now, this can certainly be a natural and gentle product and I'm not advocating drying out your scalp and depleting it of it's natural and protective oils by over shampooing.

But, you will never be able to get rid of your excess DHT and also of your sensitivity to what you produce on a daily basis with shampooing alone.  You will often need to add more to your regimen to really get a handle on this.  But, washing is a very important part of keeping your scalp and follicles clear of clogging and choking debris.


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