Lose Weight Safely – How Many Calories Should I Eat

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There are many future brides that make a decision to lose weight quickly. They have a diet plan in mind and they expect to follow it judiciously. Is it realistic to think you can lose weight quickly and keep it off for a long period of time. Can this type of plan have an adverse effect on your health.

Before we answer these questions, let’s first explore the factors that can impact your weight loss. For starters genetics and family history can play a major role. Exercise can be a factor, especially how often you do it and the amount of effort you put into it. Your metabolism, or how rapidly you burn calories, will figure into the weight loss equation.

In theory you could drop as many as 20 pounds in a week. In all likelihood the majority of those pounds will be water weight. However, if it is water weight once you abandon the diet you will immediately gain the weight back. Also, if you fail to utilize some type of strength training, you will be losing muscle as well as fat. Most studies depict you could probably only lose about four to five pounds of fat in a week.



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