How to Stop Rapid Hair Loss – Discover the Secrets of How You Can Stop Balding

Some types of illnesses can also lead to Ultra FX10 Review  loss of hair. In case of severe illnesses like cancer, the medication can be so strong that it might cause loss of hair too. Here also, you do not need to do anything for your hair. Once the medication is over, your hair should be back to normal.

Now let’s talk about the single biggest cause of baldness in both men and women. This is due to hereditary factors, where the hair follicles become susceptible to the male hormone Androgen in the body. Note that Androgen might be called as a male hormone, but it is found in small quantities in females too.

This hormone produces a derivative of itself which we know as DHT Dihydrotestostrone. The DHT when it attaches to the follicles; it prevents the proper flow of blood to them. This results in impaired functioning of the follicles and they start producing thinner hair than usual.

Ultimately a stage comes when the follicles shrink to a small size and stop producing new hair. This lack of supply of new hair results in baldness, as the old ones complete their life and fall off. This is the most important one amongst all the causes of causes of sudden hair loss, and requires specific treatment.


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