Diabetes Mellitus – Snippets

Managing this condition means changing your  Marine D3 Review lifestyle to suit your condition any medication that has been prescribed, this means maintaining the correct level of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood fat along with giving up cigarettes.

This also includes managing your weight to keep within your height – weight category, which will be extremely helpful in reducing your blood pressure. Diabetes is a disease that is lifelong and must be managed and kept under control. Each year there are over five hundred thousand new cases of diabetes.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be quite a shock at first but it is manageable, and one of the first ways to manage is your diet. Once we understand how are body breaks down the food groups we consume, it will help in planning meals and the types of foods will benefit. What we eat is eventually broken down into sugar, so sweets and fruits enter the bloodstream very quickly. Starches, i.e., carbohydrates take anywhere from one or two hours to break down, depending on the type of carbohydrate.

Proteins and fats follow taking roughly four hours and six to eight hours respectfully.  A diet plan for diabetes is different with each person according to the nutrition needed and the type of diabetes a person has. With attention to the diet, type of food intake, and consistent exercise, increase the ability to control the blood sugar with little dependence of medication.


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