7 Tips for Starting an Exercise Program

We then stretch out our right leg while twisting our  Million Dollar Exercise Review upper body to the right. At the same time, bring your right elbow towards your left knee. Flip-flop this for the other side and you'll quickly see how you just made one of the best ab exercises even better. Forces fitness circuit I did whilst serving abroad. Circuit Training aims at the progressive development of muscular and circular respiratory fitness. The muscular benefit in the circuit training is mainly endurance and will achieve increased efficiency of complete circulatory and respiration systems.

With this circuit you don't need weights just a mat or some grass and music. You will be working your ARMS, LEGS then your ABS and a little bit of running, so this workout is not for the faint hearted. It might look easy but believe me if you put the effort in you will feel it. I did this workout 3 times a week and came back from a 4 month deployment very fit and with a good physique.

Rest for 2 mins, then depending where your training work out a 25m stretch, a 50m stretch and a 100m stretch. Sprint 25m jog back slowly, then 50m, then 100m do this 3 times through. It is hard but it will get you fit and you will feel the benefits after a few weeks. Forces fitness was pretty much like this whilst serving away and back on camp and was pretty intense at times which pushed you right to your limits, even pushing me to be sick then carry on with the circuit.

So, you've hired a Personal Trainer, but not sure what to expect on your first session. You should go dressed in workout gear even though your entire session may not be devoted to working out. Body Checks and Goals. If you haven't already discussed this on your initial consultation, your Personal Trainer may want to weigh you in, do body fat checks, and discuss your ultimate goals so that you are both on the same page. This will give them an idea on areas you want to work on. Keep in mind, muscle weighs more than fat, so your ultimate goal may not be a number, but a size.


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