Weight Loss Plans – Successful Weight Loss Means Finding What is Best For You

To get flat firm abs and a great figure, you need  Zotrim Review to change your body composition. Our bodies become shapely and attractive when they’re made of lean, toned muscle, with no flab clouding the view. As women, we need to get our fat percentage down to around 25% to look fit, and down to around 15-20% to look athletic.

Pick your own goal, but don’t aim lower than 15%, since this leads to health issues and looks very unattractive unless you want to look like a guy.. The only way to get flat abs is to burn off fat, and the best way to do this is to follow on an exercise program that burns a lot of energy, not only while you’re exercising, but throughout the day and night, while your body recovers.

Forget about the traditional regime of doing endless crunches and hour upon tedious hour of fat burning cardio. Crunches don’t burn belly fat, they just make a small number of your abdominal muscles bigger while putting unreasonable strain on your spine. Long cardio sessions on the bike or treadmill may burn some calories, but your body quickly adapts to minimize the amount of energy you burn during and after the workout, and your fat-loss quickly hits a plateau.

A much better approach is to do a full-body athletic-style exercise program that emphasises intensity rather than duration, that incorporates dynamic exercises engaging multiple body parts, and that varies the mix of exercises over time to keep your body challenged.


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