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Evidence supporting the idea of Jesus as a black man  Manifestation Code System Review is building steadily as time progresses. I learned more about this topic when I stopped in at Alkebu-Lan Books in Nashville. Alkebu-Lan carries a beautiful assortment of African and African American focused books, including a great spirituality section.

I bought a few books, including Yosef ben-Jochannan’s Our Black Seminarians & Black Clergy Without a Black Theology 1978 and James Anyike’s Historical Christianity, African Centered 1994. These books and many other credible sources I also had a copy of Rudolph Windsor’s From Babylon to Timbuktu, A History of the Ancient Black Races, Including the Black Hebrews, 1969 have assembled powerful research concluding Jesus was black, or certainly very dark skinned, as were the majority of Biblical Israelites.

One primary thrust of these arguments involves the color of the Hebrew lineage, from Noah, to Shem and Ham, to Abraham, to Jacob, father of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, to Jesus. For example, there is substantial evidence that most of the descendant tribes of Noah were black, based on historical, archeological and Biblical evidence which suggests that the majority of them had what anthropologists have called negro or African features.

Abraham himself, descended from Noah and his son Shem, was a Chaldean dark-skinned peoples, as was his wife. His grandson, Jacob, father of the Twelve Tribes had a mother from Syria, a land then known for people with very dark skin with unmistakably African-type features according to Egyptian base reliefs and wall paintings Anyike. Jacob’s wives with whom he fathered the Twelve Tribes were considered or be Syrian and/or Egyptian. Thus the early lineage of Jesus appeared to have been black to certainly very dark skinned.


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