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The number of days you rest before targeting  Million Dollar Exercise Review a muscle group again should also increase. If you had been resting for only 48 to 72 hours you may have to rest of 5 days to a week before working a muscle group again. In addition to increasing the number of sets you do, you also need to make sure you change up your routine every so often.

This does not mean you will have to change up the exercises you do. You can only change the number of repetitions you do and the amount of weight. You of course have the option of changing up the exercises you do but it is more important that you change up the amount of resistance you use. I personally do the same exact exercises every single week. The only thing I change is the amount of weight I use. I alternate between using a weight that I can perform for 8 to 10 repetitions to a weight I can perform for 5 to 7 repetitions. I have been doing this for the past few years and seldom plateau for very long.

It is likely you will have to change your diet when you start doing an advanced routine. This means eating more protein and carbs. On the days I work out I eat four times and drink two protein shakes. One protein shake I take about one hour before a workout and the second I take after I work out.

Once you start an advanced workout it will take you awhile before you stop seeing results but going through a period where plateau again is always possible. My personal belief is there is always a way to break a plateau and the notion that you can get to a point where it is impossible to get stronger isn't true.


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