Foods That Can Help Me Lose Weight – A Few That Actually Work

People who find it hard to lose belly fat might  15 Minute Weight Loss Review simply be approaching the issue in the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with you if you find it hard to lose weight on standard diets. In fact it is the diet that is wrong, not you. Everyone is different and everyone requires a different regime that suits them, not everyone else. The right kind of exercise is imperative to losing belly fat and it should be in short bursts with rest intervals rather than long, slow, cardio based sessions. Not only is the exercise more effective for reducing belly fat, they do not take as much of your time.

Belly fat is often the result of drinking too much beer rather than eating too much food. It’s painful but beer needs to be consumed in smaller quantities if you are serious about losing belly fat. Nobody is suggesting you can never have another glass of beer for the rest of your life but the most effective diet and exercise plan in the World will be derailed by someone who is going to drink several pints of beer every night. Not only that, alcohol dehydrates the system you so carefully hydrated throughout the day with water.

Not too long ago there was a question posted on Yahoo questions that asked, how to reduce belly fat without diet and exercise. The answers given were simple and straight forward. On said, You lazy bum… another said, get liposuction and a tummy tuck still another said, Pray to the fairies and I have to admit that pretty much covers the question. Well, almost so let me fill in some of the holes to these answers.

I suppose you could do what one of my aunts did and gastric bypass surgery and reduce your belly fat that way. Unfortunately, after the surgery my aunt was on such a strict diet it was pathetic. She was also required to take a special medicine every day. She was really required to diet and use proper nutrition in order to take care of her obesity issues. I really think she wishes she had never had the surgery although she would never admit it.


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