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If this is implemented properly, the patient can achieve Cognitiva Review  a good level of mental health and live a much happier, fulfilled and “normal” life. When it comes to nutrition, what your parents and grandparents told you had more basis in fact than you may realize. Everything you consume affects the systems of your body, including your brain. When it does not get the nutrition it needs each day, your memory and ability to concentrate and focus will suffer. It is time to assess your eating habits, and begin changing unhealthy choices to healthier choices.

These are recent headlines after results came out from a new study. These headlines distorted the study statistics quite a bit. Published in Neurology by Dr. Wilson from the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, this new study showed that individuals who had a mentally or cognitively stimulating life prior to the onset of Alzheimer’s actually showed a faster decline than those who had been less cognitively active.

YIKES! This spread a wave of panic among those people who have been consciously staying cognitively active in order to avoid getting Alzheimer’s. We’ve been told for years that keeping the mind active and stimulated with new activities was what was needed to help keep our brain optimized. SO, what is the story. Is this really true.

You have to read the details of the study to understand how this can be possible and what it means to all of us who are concerned about our brain health. “This means that, after diagnosis with moderate impairment, compared to less cognitively active people they will decline faster. Indeed the mean rate of cognitive decline per year for people in the Alzheimer group increased by 42% for each additional point on the cognitive activity scale.”


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