Food Combinations That Can Be Harmful For Your Health

It is no surprise that the market today is loaded with so many digestive and dietary aids along with pills for indigestion and gas. Most of these conditions start with poor food combinations and health supplement combinations which can even make you even sick too. 

For example, people wanting to gain a lean body are stacking amino acid tablets or BCAA powder and other pre-workouts without thinking much, in reality, the main focus should be on consistency with the right nutrition or you can say right food combination. Even if you are not a regular gym-goer, you should focus on eating the right food in the right amount to get the proper nutrition. This article will focus on the most common food combinations that people include in their diet daily without knowing the impact. 

Here is the list of 7 food combinations you should better avoid.

1. Coffee With Cheese Sandwiches 

No time for cooking, a fast and easy breakfast on the go is what we all do. One of the most common one is coffee with cheese sandwiches. Cheese contains a good amount of amino acids but simple carbs in bread don't allow the calcium to digest properly. And adding coffee with it is not going to benefit you at all. If you love cheese sandwiches, then replace your coffee with green or white tea. 

2. Potato With Meat 

It is impossible to resist fries but unfortunately, it is a very heavy food combination that is not good for your health. The proteins from meat need to be paired with acidic ones and the starch content in potatoes should be combined with alkalotic digestive fluids. This food combination can bring disorders like gas, heartburn, belching, and many others. So opt for non-starchy vegetables like green beans, cauliflower, or broccoli as a side dish to meet. 

3. Tomatoes With Cucumber 

Tomatoes and cucumber salad is the very popular combination used for a salad in Indian homes. However, according to the latest research combining these two vegetables can impact the biochemical pathways of the body which can lead to excessive swelling and calcination. Moreover, the body will not be able to digest the vitamins contained in both vegetables. Try to eat cucumbers and tomato separately. 

4. Beer With Salty Peanuts

This is one of the most famous combinations across the world. Everyone loves to have salty peanuts with beer. However, salty peanuts are high in salt can cause dehydration and combining it with beer can impact your health. When drinking any alcohol keep soda or water to avoid dehydration. 

5. Cheesy food with a cold drink 

This combination actually makes people literally drool. Pizza with coke is lip-smacking but this combination is not good for your health. As it can lead to difficulty in absorption and can cause discomfort and stomach ache. 

6. Dairy and Pineapple 

Eating sour fruits in the morning can make your digestion work slower. In fact, even if you are eating pineapple in the afternoon, avoid combining it with dairy products as it contains an enzyme called bromelain, which can cause intoxication.  

7. Milk and Banana

This combination is very popular among fitness enthusiasts because it is easy to prepare and nourishing. However, some nutritionists believe that sweet fruits should be consumed separately. They slow down the digestion when eaten with other foods. Drink the milk separately for good health. 


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Written by Jyoti Jaswal

Love to write about health & fitness. Contributed many blogs  to Healthkart.


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