It's Not Breakfast, It's Not Lunch- So Why Should You Eat Brunch?

If you travel across Australia in any direction, brunch is a prevailing tradition that most Australians swear by. For most Australians, brunch is their favorite meal of the day. One can literally write a book on the types of brunch delicacies available in the country. Whether it is the traditional Sunday brunch or it is your ideal plan of meeting some friends you haven’t seen in awhile- brunching is one staple meal that needs no excuses. The place where you are having your brunch will play a huge role in deciding your entire brunching experience. If you are looking for a place where you can treat your whole family who is poles apart when it comes to eating habits, you can visit OTTO Melbourne as it is one of the best places to have brunch in Richmond Melbourne


Australian brunch can be described in two words- lavish and appetizing. A combination of a late breakfast and early breakfast can actually be good for your health too. If you are a traveler and want to experience the taste sensations of the country, make sure you visit the finest cafes.

Although brunch is commonly thought of as a casual affair, there are still a few loose rules and regulations. Typically a meal is considered as a brunch only if it is started after 10 am.  Anything before that is considered as breakfast. Any meal served around 11 am or closer to lunchtime can be considered as brunch.

Why did brunch become a Sunday tradition?

Imagine waking up late on a Sunday after a good Saturday night.  You might wake up at a time which is too late for breakfast or too early for lunch. This is when brunch sounds like the perfect plan. Brunch on these occasions offers a great reason to sleep late arise at leisure.

The ambiance matters

People who travel around the world tasting various international brunch cuisines, often wind up choosing a traditional Australian setting of brunch. While you are looking and tasting, remember that the atmosphere adds to the mid-morning feeling. If you wanna feel truly pampered and relaxed make sure that the place feels as right as the food.

What does Aussie brunch usually include?

The brunch buffet features biscuits and sausage gravy, potatoes, bacon and sausage links, fruit, and muffins, bagels, and mixed green salad, or pasta. There is a complete omelet station for eggs prepared to order and a choice of pancakes, French toast or waffles. As with many such establishments, alcoholic beverages can now be a part of the whole brunch experience with Mimosas and champagne available at a good Richmond breakfast cafe

No matter where you roam, you will eventually bring your own unique preferences and idiosyncrasies to selecting a favorite place for brunch. The fact is that each brunch delicacy represents a different culinary personality. Finding your right match is a matter of trial and error, but the main thing is to give a kick start to your day by bringing yourself to the most delightful meal of the day – and just dig right in!

Whether you want cheesy tomatoes or you are looking for something to calm your sweet tooth down, the right place will serve it all. Brunch is one such meal that can be your savior after a crazy night out or a lazy night in. Just make sure you are having it at someplace that not only serves excellent food but also has the type of vibe that you like.



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