Exercise Makes Your Brain Smarter

Setting up such commitment overwhelms some  Metabolic Stretching Review people, but like anything worthwhile, you have to overcome the initial hard yards until momentum is gained. It has to be broken down into smaller chunks. If you're looking at running a marathon, you will have to build to it over a period of time. If you are looking to lose weight, it will happen via small incremental weight loss over a period of time. There are short, mid and long term goals, with deadlines attached.

It's also a matter of steering clear of existing health marketing. Most ads tend to focus on misleading lose weight and get a six-pack in six-weeks-style advertising. Or there are numerous claims by some celebs … it's hard to eat a balanced diet. Or the usual claim by a working mum or dad that they simply don't have time to cook a fresh meal, so it's easier to opt for high fat, nutrient deficient fast food.

Really… how long does is take it to peel a banana. Or probably only five minutes more than heating up plastic food in the microwave, you can lightly steam some vegetables or chop up a salad that will provide essential nutrients that will go a long way in helping prevent chronic illness. Just as an aside here I read the label on a frozen food package in the supermarket the other day. The food has a shelf life of two years un-refridgerated. What does that say.

So what is a good motivator for you. Put it this way… If someone said to you tomorrow, that as a result of poor lifestyle choices you now had diabetes, cancer, kidney disease or any of a number of diet and exercise related illnesses, and the only way for you to survive was to take two hours out of your day to sit on a machine or take certain drugs with massive side effects etc. Would you build the treatment into your daily routine. Of cause you would.


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