Healing Herbs to Include in the Diet of Your Dog

Humans have been using various types of herbs for treating their ailments for ages. But do you know that some of these essential herbs are not only beneficial for humans but dogs too! By adding these herbs to your dog's diet you can improve the immunity of your dog.


Parsley is one of the popular herbs that many people consume for its health benefits. This herb is rich in some crucial vitamins like vitamins A, C, and K. Besides, it also contains folate, iron, various minerals, and a range of volatile oils.

One of the essential volatile oils present in parsley is myristin that helps to prevent the formation of a tumour, especially in the lungs. Not only this, but parsley is also rich in histadine, which is a vital amino acid involved in various metabolic processes in the body.

People also use histidine as a medicine to treat various health conditions like allergic diseases, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, anemia, etc. Moreover, parsley is also known as chemoprotective food as it helps to neutralize various carcinogens. Parsley provides these health benefits to both humans and dogs.


Garlic is regarded as a natural antibiotic. The antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties of garlic make it one of the most useful herbs. It is known for containing over a hundred useful chemicals.

One of the vital nutrients present in the garlic is allicin. Allicin has antibacterial, antiviral, and antibiotic properties, and also it has positive effects on the gastrointestinal system. Moreover, it is beneficial for the immune system of your dog.

Garlic is also a source of other critical nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, protein, zinc, tryptophan, selenium, copper, and vitamins A, B1, B6, and C.


Alfalfa has various useful applications. In fact, it is known as the father of all herbs in the Middle East. Alfalfa leaves are often used to treat digestive disorders.

It is one of the most nutritive herbs, containing substantial amounts of protein, minerals like calcium, potassium, betacarotene, magnesium, and vitamins like vitamins A, B12, C, D, E, and K. Moreover, alfalfa also contains antioxidant chlorophyll.

It is a great dietary herb for animals, owing to its nutritional value. Besides, it can also help your pet to get relief from inflammatory joint disease. Alfalfa also helps to fight arthritis and several allergies.

Aloe vera juice

You might have already heard the benefits of aloe vera juice for skin infections. But there are several other advantages, such as it helps in digestion and also strengthens the immune system.

Also, aloe vera has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a perfect herb for reducing inflammation and soothing the skin.

These benefits are applicable to both humans and pets. Moreover, aloe vera juice also helps to treat various health problems like acid stomach, arthritis, ulcers, and many more.


So, these are some herbs that you should include in the daily diet of your dog. These herbs can have a tremendous impact on the health and well-being of your dog. Thus, to have a healthiest and high immunity dog, make sure to supply these herbs.


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Written by Nick Hayes

Hi, my name is Nick Hayes. I am a trainer and behavior consultant in a Doggie Day Care. I have worked in the field of animal welfare for over 5 years holding positions such as animal behaviorist, certified dog trainer, and veterinary technician. I am passionate about strengthening the human-animal bond.


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