Food Packaging Buying Guide

To protect and transport food, there are many packaging solutions. Discover here all the food packaging models that will be used by food traders but also by individuals.



The different models of food packaging

The paper bag

The pastry box

The pizza box

The cardboard tray

The plastic tray

Cardboard plates and plastic cups

Food and aluminum film

Food packaging for each area

The bakery

The pizzeria

Snacks and snacks

Agribusiness traders

The different models of food packaging

– The paper bag

The paper bag is widely used in the food industry, whether by bakers to transport the bread or baguette sold or by fruit and vegetable vendors. This bag is made with same material as  Mailing Bags In order to be able to transport food without the risk of tearing , it is made from kraft paper , which gives it great resistance. The paper bag can keep the natural color of the kraft paper or be bleached. A design or logo can be placed on it.

It is available in several formats to contain different foods:

the traditional bread bag ,

the individual baguette bag ,

the kraft grouping bag which can carry up to 25 baguettes at the same time,

the croissant bag which can hold 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 croissants,

the sandwich bag ,

the fruit bag with a maximum capacity that can vary from 1 kg to 2 kg.

– Grooved squareThe grooved square

This square-shaped packaging is very popular with bakeries who want to sell small pastries or individual pieces of cake. Thanks to its foldable edges, it keeps the pastry in place throughout its transport. It is often used for the take-away sale of pastry… but also of pizza slices.

It is a very popular packaging for bakers because it allows to easily transport a cake. It is generally square in shape and white in color. It has a hinged lid which allows it to effectively protect the cake during transport. But, you still have to be careful to carry the pastry box correctly so as not to have any surprises!

The pizza box

The pizza box is the packaging of choice for the pizza maker. It is designed to protect the pizza and keep it warm during transport. Made from cardboard, it resists shock and heat . It must be attractive to attract pizza lovers, which is why it often has a design on the pizza area on its cover.

– The cardboard tray

The cardboard tray is a packaging mainly used in fry shops or in snacks. It is rectangular in shape and has no cover. This is why we often place fries ready to be tasted right away.

– The plastic tray

The plastic tray is often used by snacks and food trucks because it allows you to transport food while keeping its heat. Made of plastic, this tray has a lid that hermetically closes the box and thus preserves the heat of the dish for longer. It is generally transparent in order to present the food to the customer.

Disposable plates  and plastic cups

To eat easily during a trip or a picnic without having to do the dishes afterwards, there is nothing better than disposable paper or plastic plates and sometime bubbled envelopes Once they have served, just throw them in the trash. The same goes for plastic cups which will be very useful for improvised pots with friends.

Food and aluminum film

Food film, like aluminum film, will keep your food longer. In fact, by wrapping them with cling film or aluminum, you slow down the spread of microbes and preserve their aroma longer.

Food packaging for each area

– The bakery / pastry shop

The baker / pastry chef has a whole range of paper bags and pastry boxes dedicated to him. He can thus store his breads in a bread bag, his baguettes in an individual baguette bag or in a grouping baguette bag but also offer his customers special bags to transport the chocolate rolls and croissants. For his pastry activity, the pastry box is the best for transporting the cakes he has just prepared.

– The pizzeria

The pizza maker only needs one package: the pizza box . This must be impeccable both in terms of its physical and visual appearance: it must be resistant to protect the pizza from any blow, it must be able to retain the heat of the pizza but it must also have a nice external appearance in order to attract the customer.

– Snacks and snacks

For snacks, chip shops and food trucks, many food packaging are available:

the cardboard tray for placing fries or any other food to consume immediately,

the plastic tray with a lid to keep the heat of the dish to be eaten later,

the sandwich bag for sandwiches and other small bread-based snacks (such as the hot dog),

the disposable tableware such as paper plates and cups.

– Food traders

Finally, for other traders in the food sector, there is a large number of food packaging that can satisfy them, starting with the fruit bag made of kraft paper for early market merchants. The kraft bag is also widely used today by many traders in all fields to transport the product just bought by the customer. They may also need cling film or aluminum to best keep food fresh out of the refrigerator. For certain foods, the plastic tray with its lid is more suitable.

Now that we have introduced you to the different types of food packaging, you will be able to choose the one you need for your activity.



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