History of the San Marcos chicken dish

History of the San Marcos chicken dish

The traditional recipe “Pollo de San Marcos” or “Chicken in the Garden” is as old as the Feria de San Marcos, which dates back to colonial times.

It is a traditional dish and considered one of the most typical of Aguascalientes that is served at the San Marcos Fair.

It is part of the set of endemic dishes of Mexico that was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The Mexican poet Renato Leduc ,wrote that: “there is not a single attendee to the fair or resident family that does not pass by the food stalls to try a chicken dish And just as each dish had its reason for being, the chicken of San Marcos did too.

Florent, a neighbor of one of the richest cattle regions in the country of Aguascalientes, who had everything to be satisfied with his life, was tall and handsome, a landowner and a worker. One day, while celebrating at the San Marcos Fair, he met Lala, from that day on the love of his life.

They were young and healthy, good and family, firm and energetic character. A few days passed, the fair was not over yet and Lala and Florent had already gotten married.

The people from the farm talked about how the boss and his wife were an exemplary marriage but there was a “but”, when Lala returned from the honeymoon she found out that her husband had a whim; he loved chicken meat, he didn't eat any other…

In the first months, for Doña Lala it was difficult; she only ate chicken and the worst, it was prepared only in two ways: fried or in broth.

Lala, tired of eating chicken, thought that if she had to do it all the time, she would have to vary its taste, to bring down the boredom.

She entered the kitchen of the hacienda, which was called “Jardín” (Garden) and was honored by the flowers, plants, fine herbs and trees that adorned and perfumed the place.

The lady, inspired by the landscape and the aromas, began what would soon be the official dish of the San Marcos fair each year.

She combined pork in the form of chorizo, with chicken, and seasoned it with potatoes, pickled peppers, onions and garlic, to give it a different flavor, but also to hide the taste of pork.

Those who tasted it were so pleased that Florent invited the inhabitants of neighboring haciendas to try it, proud of his beloved wife's recipe.

Those present were amazed at the taste, and decided that from that year on, during the San Marcos Fair, such a magnificent recipe would be prepared, which came from the ingenuity of doña Lala and the “genius” of don Florent. Fountain: Traditional Mexican cuisine by Blanca Nieto.

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