5 Indian Breakfast Ideas to Kickstart Your Quarantine Morning

The coronavirus related lockdown has brought radical changes to our lives. From our sleep schedules to workout routines, and of course working from home, everything has gone out of the window. But one of the hardest hit is our diet. With maids unable to work and ordering no longer a viable option, having healthy and delicious meals has become much more difficult. Plus, there are professional commitments and household tasks that leave you with little time.

But it is still very important that you have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is often considered the most vital meal of the day. It has the function of breaking your overnight fast and getting your metabolism jump started. In fact, people who skip breakfast have been found to gain weight quicker.

So, how do you get out of this conundrum? Here are 5 simple and healthy Indian breakfast ideas for you.

Rava Uttapam 

A rava uttapam is easy to make and extremely healthy. The batter can be made by mixing semolina with some curd, chopped vegetables, and spices. After the batter has been made, heat a non-stick pan and put some oil in it. Once the pan has been heated, spread the batter in the form of pancakes. Flip the uttapam after a couple of minutes and cook the other side in the same manner. Serve it hot with some coconut chutney.

Besan Cheela

Besan cheela is one of the most popular breakfast recipes in many parts of North India. Besan is flour made of chickpeas, which means it is high in protein. For the cheela, take 1 cup besan and mix turmeric powder, chili powder, salt and carrom seeds in it. Then, add diced tomatoes and onions into the mixture. After this add half a cup of water and whisk to make a batter. Heat a non-stick pan on low flame and make pancakes out of the batter.


This South Indian breakfast is one of the easiest to make. The breakfast recipe can be made in just 15 minutes, if you have roasted semolina with you. To prepare it, heat some ghee in a pan. Add mustard seeds to the oil. After they start popping, add cumin seeds and urad dal and brown them. Once browned, add onions to the mix and sauté. After this, add water and roasted semolina to it. Once all the water has been absorbed, your upma is ready.


Another delicious and healthy breakfast idea is poha. To make poha, soften some flattened rice by soaking it in water. Then, add turmeric powder, sugar and salt to it. Now heat some oil in a pan and add mustard seeds into it. Once the seeds start crackling, add diced onions and sauté till they are translucent. After this, add curry leaves and the soaked poha. Cover and cook for 2 to 3 minutes and your poha will be ready.

Methi Thepla

Another great home quarantine breakfast idea is methi thepla. First, prepare the thepla dough by mixing 1 cup wheat flour, ¼ cup besan, ¼ cup bajra flour and ¼ cup sorghum flour. Add chili powder, cumin seeds, coriander powder and salt to it. After this, add chopped methi leaves and mix well. Now add 4 to 5 tbsp of curd and knead it into a dough. Make round chapatis with this dough and cook on a hot tawa.

 Apart from this, urad dal dosa and misl-pao are also great cooking ideas for your breakfast while under home quarantine.


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