Is Vegetable Biryani Really Just Pulao?

The conversation has actually taken the spotlight lately and we can not aid but question the concern that it elevates. As well as while, the subject is simply a couple of social media messages far from ending up being an hour-long dispute in the best Indian restaurant in NYC, we assumed we'll consult our readers as well.

Your very first reaction to the question of whether veg pulao and veg biryani are the same may quite possibly be a laugh as well as an “undoubtedly!”. Particularly if you're a non-vegetarian. Let’s face it, whether you prepare veggie and also rice in a handi (cauldron) or rice cooker, it's the same. It's vegetable pulao. Poultry, mutton or lamb biryanis, on the other hand are cooked in a different way as a biryani and as pulao. Practically, that is.

Talking in technological terms used by restaurants like Aroqa though, biryani is not just prepared rice and various other dressings like pulao. Pulao and biryani have many differences. Let’s start with the ingredients used only in biryani like saffron, kewra jal and others. And then there is the ‘dum' technique of cooking biryani, which doesn't actually apply to pulao. However then that's our take on it. What do you assume? Are veggie pulao and also vegetable biryani the same?


What do you think?

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