Risks Involved in Chiropractic Treatment

This form of therapy has not gained the main stream Backhero Posture Corrector Review  recognition as other manual therapies. My son is a Board Certified Structural Integration practitioner and Teacher. Over 10 years ago he started his career in this manual therapy and I was not sure of what he was getting into. His business was not quite on its feet and I went through the 10 series to help his business.


I had a #2 separation in my right shoulder that happened while playing soccer, it was never fixed. It bothered me and if I slept with my arm above my head, my arm would get locked and I would have to turn it just right to get it moving again. Not only was it stuck this caused much pain to rotate my shoulder just right to get it moving again.

I had to be careful while lifting things over my head as well. Plus it always caused me pain. It never really worked right after I landed on it during the soccer game. I was young and did not have medical insurance at the time to have it fixed. So I just lived with it and the pain. The shoulder injury caused me to hold my neck to a small range of motion. I did not realize that the problem was causing my lessened range of motion in my neck. My thought of going through the 10 series with my son was only to help his business.

The surprise was mine after going through the structural integration 10 series my pain and discomfort in the shoulder that had never been fixed was significantly better. I realized over the next few weeks after the treatments that the pain was no longer there, I could sleep with my arm above my head and it did no longer get stuck. The other benefit I had not realized until back out of a parking place one day as I could turn my neck to the right as well as I could turn it to the left. My range of motion was improved.



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