Swine Flu – Fiasco Or Fraud?

When choosing which foods to eat so as to avoid  Virus Proof Protocol Review acid reflux, there are two key points you need to consider. The first is that you will need to keep track of which foods cause an acid reflux flare up. In general these are foods with a high concentration of acid; this acid coupled with the acid in your tummy will overwhelm your digestive system and cause the inevitable acid reflux.

Such foods include red meat, spicy foods, garlic, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, coffee, tea, cola, and citrus fruits such as grapefruits, lemon and limes. Other foods to avoid are dairy products that are high in lactose such as milk, ice cream and yogurt. Additional foods to avoid are food cooked in heavy oil such as potato chips and fries. You need to also be aware that packaged foods use preservatives which contain oil as a consequence you will need to avoid toaster pastries and similar foods. Also remember that fast foods are typically fried in oil so avoid that drive through.

While this list will help you to start avoiding these foods in general, you will also need to observe which foods may cause a flare up in your specific case. As a result of which it may be wise to keep a food diary, then just keep note of what you eat, when and how much. In the event you have a flare up try and note the exact time. For example let's say you eat a bag of chips at 12:30 pm and find you have a flare up at 1:00 pm then you know that you are quite sensitive to the oils used to make those chips. Then you will begin to have your own list of foods which you can add to the general list.

Everybody's system can be a little different, what I may be sensitive to, you may not. Therefore if certain foods do not bother you feel free to indulge, presuming they are not unhealthy in general.


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