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TRUE HD HIGH FIDELITY SOUND – With the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and advanced acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear highs. COMFORTABLE AND SAFE SETUP WITH IPX-7 WATERPROOF QUALITY – 

ActivBuds feature ergonomically shaped flexible earhooks with flexible silicone earcups to ensure that your headphones stay comfortably in place to ensure fatigue-free ears and ears. Comfort without tangle. LONGEST BATTERY LIFE – With the new and improved lithium polymer battery, you can enjoy music continuously with a quick charge from just 1.5 hours to 9 hours and 240 hours of standby time.

 BLUETOOTH V4.1 WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY WITH CVC 6.0 NOISE CANCELLATION TECHNOLOGY – Connect seamlessly with all Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet away. Focus on your favorite music with noise cancellation technology and answer calls without skipping or missing words. 

ONE YEAR WARRANTY AND BONUS POINTS – bonus accessories with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee and 30 days right of return without any questions. With a guaranteed price-performance ratio, you can still buy the Senso ActiveBuds carefree today.

Senso Bluetooth headphones

Comfort and fit

Because senso bluetooth headphones are intended for sports, the fit has top priority. And it's pretty good. Once you've found the right earplugs for your ear size and adjusted the ear hooks, the buds will stay in place for the sprint. Sometimes you may need to readjust them, but usually, the fit is stable and safe for training.

When it comes to comforting, things are not so bright. Because of the size of the case, wireless headphones tend to rub on the ears. This leads to friction and irritation after a while. Large size also means a higher weight. Most of the time you feel their weight, combine it with constant friction and want to remove it after about an hour.

Admittedly, the included memory foam earplugs help but do not solve the problem.In general, comfort isn't top-notch, but decent. If you need wireless sports headphones for about an hour per session, the Senso ActiveBuds are for you.


Like other in-ear headphones, Senso Bluetooth headphones have good passive sound insulation.Most of the surrounding noise is blocked and you only concentrate on your music. It's a good thing to create your own private hangout and keep others from bothering you.

In addition, there is practically no cable noise. Since the wireless headphones are worn behind the neck cables, this is not a big can attach a cable clip at any time and control the length so that it fits you perfectly.


Senso Bluetooth in-ear headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC 6.0 microphone technology with noise cancellation.Wireless Bluetooth means that you can expect the standard range of 10 m without obstacles. As a rule, the connection is stable and does not interrupt or distort the music. Find them on mybestheadphone.

Connecting is as easy as pressing and holding the power switch (red “S” on the right) on the headphones. Pairing starts automatically and all steps are described in the quick start guide.Which Bluetooth codecs support Senso headphones?Unfortunately, they do not currently support any of the best codecs like aptX, AAC …However, considering the price, this is not a big problem, especially since the bass is so strong. A better codec wouldn't make a difference.


One of the new features in this updated model is the improved battery life. Now you have up to 8 hours per full charge.It is a lot of strength for many workouts or for a long trip or hike.You charge it with a micro USB cable and it takes no longer than 2 hours.Overall, it's solid battery performance in this price range.


The wireless headphones are made entirely of plastic with a flat rubber cable and memory earhooks.When you hold them in your hand, they feel solid and without major weaknesses.It sounds like a well thought out design with proven experience. Not surprisingly, they also have an IPX7 rating that makes them waterproof.

You can easily drop them in the water, clean them under the tap, and even wash them in water, even if you can't swim with them. Bluetooth is not working. To swim headphones, click here. LINKZOverall, they should last long enough to justify the price.


Senso sports headphones have a high-quality built-in microphone.As with the built-in microphones, they emit too much static and background noise in louder environments.You can still call in a quiet place on a regular basis, but don't expect serious conversations next to a busy street.

There are also 3 built-in remote control buttons. The most important, the red S logo on the right button, is the multifunction button. It controls switching on and off, answering/hanging up calls, calling the last number and pairing.The other 2 buttons + and – control the volume and song selection.The buttons are easy to distinguish and give good feedback so you always know what you're pressing.

These are the common features you get from wireless headphones for training.


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