Death Stranding DLC: Everything Know About Sam Bridge’s Journey Expansion

Death Stranding, an action-based role-playing game, is about to release the next installment. Every detail is mentioned here (official and unofficial too).

Kojima Production is about to release the new adventure in action-based series of Death Stranding. This is directed by the creator and director Hideo Kojima, who has announced that they are going to release the next installment of the game in the near future. This is announced by the Hideo Kojima in an interview. Yet there is no confirmation from the publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment and 505 Games.

There are many speculations that this will continue from the ending of the last game. There is some more information regarding the game after that interview with the director. So here is everything recovered from the data miners and other followers of the game.

Source:- Death Stranding DLC: Everything Know About Sam Bridge’s Journey Expansion

Facts about DLC

This is essential to mention that it is not official, but the information provided by the data miners. There have been many teasing and tweets from the creators and cast of the game. Such there the tweet by Nicolas Winding, who portrayed the Heartman. There is a photo attached to the tweet, in which he is sitting along with the Hideo, and “Heartman Return” is written on the photo. It is unsure whether he is talking about the DLC or the Sequel of Death Stranding.

No matter what, there will be a new game of Death Stranding, and this great news. The Storyline of the game is not clear till yet, but there are many data miners who came out with there speculation about story-line and other additional characters.

One of them is the Reddit user Okaydaydreamer, who posted on the subreddit, GamingLeaksAndRumours. According to this post on the Reddit, some credible source announced that there is a DLC which will be released in the summer of 2020. With the release of this DLC the game, will also release the game for the PCs. That month to release, the game is selected to be the next month of release of the Metal Gear. This date holds importance because this is the month when the director was selected for the project.

The name of the DLC is going to be “September 1998.” According to the source, “This DLC can be paid DLC, without any clue regarding the range.” This DLC will complete the uncompleted storyline and provide the starting for the next part of the game. In this DLC, a new mode will be added, having the name “Raid.” The DLC will be going to be story-driven, which will be divided into 2 parts.

In the first part of the quest, you will find the new territory to explore with the new weapons. Here, you will find new items to use and collect in the mission of the game.

There are rumors that further updates will be provided for the 2nd part in the DLC, which will lead the storyline to the next installment of the game.

Like in the regular game, there will be weapons and other items to buy from the store.


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