How to Open Bunker 4 in Apex Legends

The on-going demand for battle-royale genre video games is increasing day by day. Most of the newly arrived games these days are based on battle royale gameplay. Apex Legends is one such game that is considered to be the best battles royale based game ever created. Major credit for achieving this milestone must go to its developer, Respawn Entertainment, who keeps adding new stuff to the game.

Following its own perseverance, Respawn Entertainment has added a new update to the game, and after this inclusion, most of the features and aspects of the game have changed, including maps. Thus, now it becomes quite intricate for the gamers to navigate the places they require to visit. One of the most visited places in Apex Legends is the series of the Bunker. Gamers are unable to open it, and thus in this article, we are going to help the players in the opening of Bunker 4 in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Opening Bunker 4

Gamers first need to use the map and then they need to navigate Terminal Station L-19, which is the precise location of Bunker 4. Gamers need to drop in that area; however, there are several Pits, Slum lakes, and Containment in that area, thus the first thing players need to do is drop at a safe spot. Once they are successfully dropped in a safe place, they need to find the bunker hatch. Gamers can easily find it hidden inside the shrubbery patch. Players need to open it, and inside they will find a plethora of loot that includes Phoenix Kits, Med, and Gold Havoc.

Gamers will also get a secret intel inside the Bunker 4; they need to head towards the corridor and then take the very first left. Afterward, they will find a door, and they need to send the drone inside it to verify the danger. Once they have detected no signs of danger, then they can move inside. Gamers need to go to the section where the screen has been built. After that, they can easily access the secret message in which Crypto’s sister is stating that she is safe and low in health. She also informs Crypto about one of the rogue workers who is working for their enemy.


The article contains information about Apex Legends’ secret Bunker. In this article, we have explained the ways to get to Bunker 4. Apex Legends can be played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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