Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Virtual Team Lounge Revealed

Recently Pokémon GO disclosed the details of GO Fest 2020 virtual lounge. Along with the virtual lounge, Pokémon GO has also lined up the livestream event to let the players watch it at the time of arrival. After waiting for a long time, Pokémon GO finally made the announcement of Go Fest 2020. The anniversary event of Pokémon Go will happen remotely this year. Players have the opportunity to participate in the event remotely. Unlike every year, this year is quite different, and PoGo clearly shifts itself according to the situation. Still, virtually managing the GO Fest is a challenging thing and Niantic is well aware of that.

Pokémon GO team came up with quite entertaining alternatives that are going to make the Go Fest event extremely exciting and immersive. Niantic is all set to bring the experience of Team Lounge to the world. Generally, the events are set up through huge tents on a physical location where players can meet, make new friends, catch some cool Pokémon, and use mobile AR. However, this upcoming event is going to be different from all previous events, and now it will offer the experience of getting recreated in the Virtual Team Lounge.

In the new spin of the game, Team Longue will present the players a specific online destination where the players can move to take a break and meet with new friends and fellow players. The following lounge will offer the chance to use the utterly virtual content developed by the Pokémon GO team. Players can watch the highlights of the weekend’s livestream event. However, this is not everything from the event, and the following event will be bigger and better beyond the expectations of players.

Virtual Lounge Details

Virtual Team Lounge, from its online space, will feature plenty of exclusive GO Fest content and more. Similar to the traditional GO Fest event, the following event will provide the trainers with a place to chill and take rest from playing.

Pokémon GO Fest will provide some exclusive videos that will let the trainers rest their arms. The best way to enjoy it is to watch the following videos with fellow trainers.

The Pokémon Go team is updating everything that’s going to happen at the event. With the help of social media, the Pokémon Go team and trainers are showing their excitement and any new detail about the #PokémonGOFEST2020.

Livestream Lineup

Enjoy the event’s livestream, hosted at Virtual Team Longue, and grab some additional segments. The Pokémon Go Fest 2020 happening on July 24th, 2020 at 2.00 PM PDT (GMT -7). At the event, the makers, designers, and graphics team of the game along with the CEO will be live too. No one has the idea how much it takes to create an open-world adventure game but Liz George, the manager of social and community, and Laura Warner the senior designer of the game will explain how all this happens.

In the event, you can make your team win battle leagues and will encounter some cool Pokémon during the fest. The event will include some Pokémon Go trivia and live event updates that will offer you to win lots of great prizes.


Pokémon Go Fest 2020 is happening virtually, but the excitement for this event is nothing less than the previous events. With the help of social media, trainers can stay updated.

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