We get Elemental boots and bodies in RuneScape

Additionally, will we ever see any lore about origin or RuneScape gold the creation of Silverlight? I don't believe even RS3 has any lore on that, besides that Wally used the sword to conquer Delrith. Is Desert Treasure not a necessity for any of the vampire quests? I would very much prefer to find involvement or a little lore about Malak in vampire quests, as well as Ruantum's involvement. Learning info about Dessous from quests may be interesting also.

Can we receive a clarification on stream stakers are getting banned for loaning gp staking and paying back with interest. This isnt even commission. And this is why they are being banned by you guys for. Commission staking is getting money from somebody bet it, take% with that stake on win and if he loses it isnt your problem and you dont have to pay anything back. Thats commission staking easy and clear. He takes the money gambles it for you when he wins he gets a percent of it and provides you rest and if he loses he doesnt get in almost any debt, or is it problem.

And here is debt/loan/interest staking. He receives a loan bets it, if he wins he pays with lets say interest. He chucks the 1b gp, he wins, he dominates the guy 1,1b and contains 900m for himselfand if he loses he has to cover 1,1b. thats not commisson, since the guy loaning isnt in any probability of dropping hes gp, he'll get paid if its a win or lose. A clarification would be useful for everyone involved in this situation.

We get Elemental boots and bodies in RuneScape such as it had been in 2012 Runescape or some thing. Those were actually wonderful cosmetic and very low level defence armours, as well as a reason to generate a new elemental workshop quest or even add the present one in to RS. The mechanics are imo, although I understand you guys are currently working on the Deathmechanics. Individuals ought to be afraid to expire at a boss using their very best gear because they could lose their things or somebody else could pickup their items.

If you're going to go on together with the new mechanisms I think the fee to get your things back ought to be to include that feeling of danger to RuneScape. In the earlier days people would go with welfare gear to bosses because they were too scared to die or didnt trust that the people they would move pvm with. This also made bosses less campier so the worth of buy rs3 gold things were far more secure.


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