Boruto: The Resemblance Between Deepa and Heath Ledger’s Joker

Deepa, the anime villain, is undoubtedly the series’ version of Joker because of his preference for chaos and the ability to instill fear in others. In the recent episodes, his horrifying fighting prowess in the battlefield against the lightning ninjas gives many clues as to which version of Joker he most resembles. One of the most exciting moments from the last episode is when in his pursuit to acquire the Hashirama Cell, he gets into a fight with Omoi, Kakui, and Marui. The fight is hardly challenging for Deepa, who easily defeats them as most of their moves fail to surprise him.  

Deepa seems to be immune to all of their attacks as he first knocks out Kakui and Marui. Then Omoi, too, could do little to faze him. After he is done fighting them, Deepa holds Omoi to question the location of the Hashirama Cell. He is able to toy with him without much effort when he refuses to disclose any information. Soon, he contemplates killing him when he thinks he is making no progress with them, but at this point, both Kakui and Marui gain consciousness. Now, Deepa has an evil plan as he decides to play with lives.

He tells them that if they give him the information he needs, he will let them go, but if they don’t relent to his wishes, he will kill their leader. Deepa’s methods seem to be inspired by Heath Ledger’s Joker, who does something similar in the Dark Knight movie. The Joker, too, puts Batman in a spot when he makes him pick between Rachel and Harvey Dent. The methods used by Joker in the movie were extremely effective as they always were able to help him achieve what he wanted. Deepa, too, seems to use the same tricks to get what he wishes.

Deepa says something similar to Omoi when his subordinates leak the information that he needs in the hope that they will be able to save their leader. But instead of sparing them all, Deepa quickly punches Kakui and Marui through their heart and kills them immediately. He leaves Omoi, as he tells him how he is a man of his words with a sinister smirk. Deepa then heads off as Omoi tries to reach his dead teammates, visibly traumatized. It is evident that Deepa is letting him live so that he can tell the other ninjas about his fighting prowess and his sinister intentions. These psychological tricks seem to be inspired by Dark Knight’s Joker, where Heath Ledger does something similar.

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Source: Boruto: The Resemblance Between Deepa and Heath Ledger’s Joker


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