Minecraft: How to Tame a Fox

The surprising world of Minecraft is packed with some adorable animals available to befriend. Along with foxes, several more animals have been added. Animals in Minecraft are quite different from other games. You can tame them in the game to know how loyal they can become once they become your pet. Currently, foxes are in the spotlight, and players are trying to make them as their pets.

Just like every other animal in Minecraft, foxes are also cute but surely a deadly creature. You can find numerous foxes in the world of Minecraft. If you tame a fox and make them a loyal pet, they can join you on your adventure. Minecraft allows the player to tame multiple foxes. If you tame multiple foxes, you can start breeding them to build up a fox’s skulk. It seems easy, but multiple hurdles are waiting for the players in the process. The two hurdles for the players will be to find the foxes and tame them.

How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft

Before you begin your searching for foxes, you should be careful about the in-game fox versions. Minecraft foxes are nocturnal, similar to real-life. So, you have to search for it mostly in the night, while avoiding danger. Keep in mind while looking for foxes that keep armor and weapons with you to fight against mobs. They can disturb and spoil your night while looking for the foxes.

Where to locate Foxes

When you see the dark sky of night, you should look for the foxes at taiga biome, i.e., snow taiga, giant taiga, and regular taiga. You can also find the fox in taiga village. However, if you are lucky, you can locate foxes with white fur instead of orange at snow taiga biome. It can take some extra time to locate, but you can have a special fox. White color is easily spottable, so when you roam in the forests, keep your eyes open.

How to Tame Fox

You’ll see no difference in real life foxes and Minecraft foxes. Their behavior in the game is the same, and they’ll not let you get them easily. Foxes can easily be scared, and they usually don’t get close to anyone. You have to use tasty items to lure them to you. Wolves love bones, and ocelot loves to fish; similarly, you can use sweet berries to attract foxes. Keep some berries in hand and once a fox appears, just move towards it slowly. When doing it, keep a good amount of berries in your hand, because usually, critters don’t trust. To gain their trust, they might require multiple bites to trust you completely. Once they fully trust you, you’ll see a heart will appear above their head representing you’ve won.

Once you have a companion with you on your journey, they’ll bring you some hidden items from the wild. Most of the time, your fox will bring you feathers. It can also hold any dropped item in its mouth. However, keep one thing in mind that if your fox comes in the range of sweet berry, it will drop whatever it is carrying in its mouth. The fox will run towards the berries and drop any carrying item. You have to be careful about it and try not to give any valuable item to your fox. 

How to Breed Foxes

The process of breeding is very simple. If you have two tamed foxes, you have to give them berries to make the foxes come close to each other. Soon a new baby fox will arrive, and it will automatically be tamed. However, until the baby matures, it will follow its parents more than you.


Foxes are carrying a new type of content in the game that players are admiring a lot. However, it is still tough to find foxes. They mostly appear in the night, so players have to wait the whole day and search in the night. Players have to be careful once they are not familiar with or close to each other.

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