Borderlands 3: Guide to Complete Sapphire’s Run Crew Challenge

After completing the first set of “Crew Mission” in Borderland 3, developers have introduced a second set that arrived in “Sapphire’s Run.” In the first set, most of the objectives were hidden across the map, and the second set is no different. So similar to the first set, players have to track down the objectives on their own once again.

When you continue to progress into the broken mind of “Psycho Krieg” DLC, the game environment will become more dangerous and impossible. When you get into Sapphire’s Run, you realize more difficulties. It will make your game tougher and finding the hidden objectives for Crew Challenges will become extremely difficult. So here is the guide to pass through the broken mind and complete the second set of Crew Challenge.

How to Finish the Sapphire’s Run Crew Challenge

Similar to the Castle Crimson Crew Challenges, Sapphire’s Run also has three challenges. You have to track down its hidden spots on the map. You’ll find all the zones sequentially one after another. Even if you miss any objective behind, you can get back.

First Probe Location

Once you enter the area, you have to speak with “Krieg” and your first side mission Krieg’s on Parade will begin. You can place Maya’s Book among the two pedestals. For the first, move to the slope under the twisting tree and place the Maya’s Book to make a floating path on the left side. Jump from it on the next stone path, and there you’ll find the probe supervising the location you initiated. Simply activate it for launching the rainbow orbs to explode them above the sky.

Second Probe Location

Proceed the level normally until you put a launch pad on the set of the train tracks. Once the train arrives and wipes the tracks, you’ll be sent to a new area of the map through the portal. Once you arrive through the portal, move on to the left path with the next pedestal to place Maya’s Book. There could be more paths, but the probe is linked to the left one. To get the correct angles of other orbs, you have to look through multiple platforms. A certain tricky one will appear hidden inside the floating lantern on the left side while observing the bell.

Third Probe Location

The third and final probe will appear when you play the story at a certain point where you come in contact with the third portal and reach the last point of Sapphire’s Run. Move forward until you reach across the bridge with the trains zipping through the following portals. Once you reach across the circle, look on the left side, and you’ll see another pedestal for the Maya’s Book. Smash it and let a stone path spawn that you can use to get to the probe near the floating gear. When the following orbs are launched in the sky, you have to look at their traits to understand where they all end up.


Sapphire’s Run includes two Crew challenges. Once a player completes the Psycho Krieg challenge, one more challenge will remain. Borderland 3 added two challenges in the game, and both are challenging. However, players will find some similarities in the previous and current challenges that can help the players to understand the task. 

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