Fortnite: Locate and Destroy the Gatherers

The Week 4 of Season 4 in Fortnite has brought some cool challenges to let the players have battle royale experience. Indeed, Fortnite is among the biggest names in battle royale games, but some of the past Week’s challenges weren’t related to battle royale a lot. In the current Week, players have to battle against some new type of enemies. In the following week, players have to destroy 20 Gatherers and put 10,000 damage.

To complete this mission, it is necessary to locate the Gatherers first. Gatherer appears on several map locations that include Holly Hedges, FN Radio, Retail Row, Lazy Lake Island, Slurpy Swamps, and Salty Springs. To spot the arrival of Gorger, you must fly in the sky using the parachute until you see a red beam.

Gorger can create 20 Gatherers, so it will be easy for you to complete the first challenge of 4th Week. To put 10,000 damage, you can eliminate a Gatherer and use its body against Gorger or some fellow players.

However, you need to remember one thing that Gatherers explode after a few seconds of death. Gorger can only produce 20 Gatherers, so don’t kill Gorger early. Once you gain 10,000 damage, you can kill Gorger. For killing Gorger and remaining Gatherer, you will get 50,000 XP points. While eliminating, the Gatherers will give you 25,000 XP points.

The mission seems quite simple, but there are some obstacles in the process. Once you get armed for remaining Gatherers, you won’t be able to build or switch the weapons. Even though Gorger cannot directly damage you, but the spawn wave of Gatherers can harm you.

In the current week, a couple of robot challenges are available, and every challenge is unique. The XP rewards for completing the current Week’s challenges are huge. By completing these challenges, you can get yourself closer to Silver, Gold, and Holo skins. The difficulties of challenges are decent, but players are enjoying every challenge. The location of every challenge is different from each other. To start the mission, players have to move to their specific location first.


Epic Games is encouraging the players to play the missions and making them complete those missions as soon as possible. The rewards in the current season are massive, so equally, the challenges are also tough. However, players are enjoying every challenge and giving their best to earn every skin.

SOURCE:- Fortnite: Locate and Destroy the Gatherers


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